The Time the Duck Went to a Really Boring Comicon

I had a really bizarre dream the night of 8/4/14. I was at a comicon, but I remember the building was kind of dark and creepy.  I was dressed as Kefka, and I was having more success with the wig than I am in real life.  (The stupid thing just won’t stay on!)  I remember a short part of the dream where I was with a friend I used to know, and she was looking for a bakery in the area, and I told her that the closest things to bakeries in a relatively simple drive were Starbucks and Barnes and Noble.  Which is true.  And then I was with my mom, and I wanted to get a soda, but we had to get to the prejudging.

The prejudging was really strange.  I remember walking into this crowded room (I don’t know why there was an audience for this), and they were all seated facing this aisle we were walking down.  All the people who wanted to enter the masquerade then lined up in a row, and there was this roulette type thing on this long screen in front of us, and it would pick someone who would be eliminated, and we were upset and hoping this was at least based on the quality of our costumes and not random, and I worried I wouldn’t make it to the masquerade.  After the first guy was picked to leave, this cartoon played that involved him on this island, and he was really strong and could lift heavy stuff, and I wondered how in the world they created an entire cartoon on such short notice.

I remember another woman that had to go, who sang this really sad song about a bird, the lyrics of which were written upside down in a book.  This process took a very long time, and I yelled out that it was boring, only to yell at someone to shut up when they told me to be quiet.  (I was being in character, thus my rudeness.)  Then my boss from work was telling my coworkers, who appeared to be in the audience, to leave, and I hoped he wouldn’t ask me to go, as I really wanted to be in the masquerade, but then I found it was because we were in danger, and everyone started leaving.  Some bad people were outside, and somehow we knew they wouldn’t be here for long, but we didn’t know where to go in the meantime.  I remember these curtains along the walls, and if you went through, it led to a dark place I was too afraid to go in or to a dark parking garage blocked off by a metal gate.  On the other side of the gate was a car, which was some lighter color, like white or grey or light gold, and it belonged to the bad people.

But, then we were safe to return to the prejudging again, though they didn’t know if it would get done today.  It was already 10 PM, and I remember once again really wanting a soda, but I still couldn’t get one, and then I woke up.

I have some pretty weird dreams, don’t I?

The Duck Still Wants a Soda


4 thoughts on “The Time the Duck Went to a Really Boring Comicon

  1. That was an extremely weird dream. But, at least it was just a dream. When I first read the title, I thought you had actually went to a boring Comicon, and I was like “Oh, no. Poor Duck. 😦 “. Did you get a soda after you woke up?


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