Kitten Rentals

I have a really stupid idea for a business. It’s one I wish existed, but it’s still…really stupid. The idea is, well, you see…kitten rentals. That’s right, kitten rentals. Have you ever thought to yourself, I really want to snuggle with a great, big pile of kittens, without the commitment of purchasing copious amounts of the cottony felines? Well, I have. I have thought about this a lot, about as much as I obsess over my next visit to the bakery, which is also a lot, and there are times I have this overwhelming urge to just scoop up a zillion, large-headed, mewing kittens and snuggle with them. But, I see no practical way of doing this, aside from befriending someone in possession of a large number of kittens, whom you can use for a time for their kitteny goodness, and then fake your death once the kittens grow up and you have no need of their services anymore.

But, that sounds like too much work, so I propose the idea of kitten rentals. Of course, you shouldn’t be allowed to bring the kittens home, as it really is a great injustice to others if you monopolize a kitten, but it sure would be great if there was a place you could go where you could play with kittens. I would totally go to a place like that, and yet, for some bizarre reason, they don’t seem to exist. Places offering kitten rentals, I mean, not kittens. We all know kittens exist, or else the world would be a far less fluffy place.

Only problem is, what happens when the kittens grow up…? Hmm…

So there, you got it out of me, my really dumb business idea. But, it would be quite awesome, nevertheless, don’t you think?

I Don’t Think I Want to Cuddle With Fellow Ducks, Though…

2 thoughts on “Kitten Rentals

  1. This might not be as crazy as you think. I saw somewhere a feature on chicken rentals. A couple people who liked chickens came up with an idea to rent out chickens to people who…well, want to take care of chickens. For some amount of money, you got two chickens and a portable coup. I think you could keep any eggs they laid and you got the joys(?) of being around chickens without the commitment of actually having chickens.

    Just insert kittens instead of chickens, and there you go!


    1. Ooh, kitten rentals might be possible, after all. And I need to look into this chicken rental thing. I do like me some chickens. And if my HOA got mad, I’d give them back and say, “What chickens?”


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