Going to the Faire With Penny from “Big Bang Theory”

I have a lot of dreams about the Renaissance Faire.  You see…I love Ren. Faires (it’s such a long word to write!).  Love them.  And I am most fortunate that I live near a good one, as it is actually pretty hard to find a decent one that consists of actual buildings and not simply tents.  Because tents make me sad.  They make me think of camping, a pastime I am not fond of, even if I’ve never tried it.  (There are apparently many wild beasts in the woods.  Such as lions.  Tigers.  Bears.  Oh, my, and let’s not forget sharks!)  Ahem, anyway, since I love these most delightful faires (my computer claims I’m spelling that wrong, but I’m really not…I think), it’s no wonder they manage to work their way into my subconscious quite often.

There are several themes to these dreams, too (that was a lovely poem I did just there).  Many times, I realize I have forgotten to wear my costume, but being a dream, I somehow manage to make it appear on me with mere thought alone, which is very convenient, considering getting here is an hour long drive.  I also dream that I go with my parents, as we all love this most enjoyable event, but we get split up, and I end up spending the rest of my time wandering about alone, looking at various snacks to eat and things to buy, with either the quandary of lacking funds with which to purchase these goodies or with too many sweets that look appealing and a body that doesn’t exactly want to be subjected to such an extreme level of sugar.

But, last night (the night of April 28), I had another kind of dream.  You’ve heard of the “Big Bang Theory”, right?  No, the TV show, not the actual theory.  Well, okay, I really don’t remember a lot of what happens in this dream, but I just wanted to tell you about it anyway.  Because I can.  In this dream, I either met or already knew Penny from that most hilarious TV show, and I begged her to go to the Ren. Faire with me.  She didn’t want to, for whatever reason (who doesn’t want to visit a place where you can belt out “huzzah” without looking quite as nuts as if you had done it elsewhere?), but she finally relented.

And again, as I said, I forgot a lot of this dream, but I do remember the two of us walking around with possibly someone(s) else, but I don’t remember who.  I also vaguely remember a bizarre mansion at one point that I think was part of another dream entirely.  So, yeah, forget that part.  All I really remember for certain was that she somehow won this stuffed animal, even if this wasn’t really that kind of faire, and for whatever reason, I whined about how I never win anything, which is true, but I am rather shocked at myself, as I usually try to refrain from whining whenever I am able.  She actually gave me the stuffed animal (again, shocking behavior on my part, as I wouldn’t have whined to begin with, nor would I have taken her toy without her giving it to me willingly), and I said I’d give it back to her once I won something of my own.

So, yeah, that might actually make up the majority of my dream, as silly as it was and as pathetic as it makes me look.  But, it’s just a dream, so I shan’t feel too ashamed.  That’s right, I shan’t, and huzzah, and prithee, and other old-timey words, if that last one even is an actual word.  Pray tell?

Perhaps one day I’ll write up an actual post about the joys of the Renaissance Faire (if I haven’t already, as I’m a bit ditzy right now, so I’m not certain either way), but for now, there’s a little summary of my goofy, little dream experiences.  Have you ever been to the Renaissance Faire, real or imagined?  Pray tell?

I Bet Penny Had a Great Time With the Duck, No Matter How Whiny I Might Have Been


4 thoughts on “Going to the Faire With Penny from “Big Bang Theory”

  1. People who knock Renaissance Faires don’t know what they’re missing. They’re silly and goofy, but all it takes is getting into the spirit of it and suddenly you’re having a great time! Oh, and going with friends is a must. You need people too share it with.


    1. I love Renaissance Faires! One of the most fun things to do…ever. Them and comicons are my favorite places to be. I love looking at the stores and eating a bunch of food and looking at the costumes. I just wish more people dressed up. People think I work there because I’m one of the few actually in a costume….


  2. There’s a big Renaissance Faire in my neck of the woods that’s open year-round. I went there a loooong time ago and had so much fun! It was quite a lot nicer than going to a theme park and we had a blast meeting all the “townspeople.” The food was the best, though — plenty of big plates piled high to go round!


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