Preparing for My Ghirahim Cosplay, Plus Some More Good Times

Despite the comicon taking place a month ago, I’m still in a very…cosplay-ish mood. I am tempted very badly to dress as Kefka and prance about just for the fun of it, but getting dressed as him takes an hour or two, so perhaps I’ll wait on that…. Anyway, I recently ordered a bunch of crud for my Ghirahim costume and for the improvement of my Kefka one. (Having only two weeks to make a costume tends to leave said costume lacking.) I got long, pointed ears for Ghirahim, shorter pointed ones for Kefka, and wigs for the two of them, as well, so next time I cosplay as Kefka, I can bask in all his blonde glory. I also got a much larger feather. A two-foot long feather. Because a foot-long feather is just not enough. It’ll never be enough. I also had to order spandex for Ghirahim’s form-fitting clothes and some interfacing for his ridiculous collar because the store was out. The spandex says non-sheer, and I can only hope that’s true….

I’m also trying out some new, higher quality body paint. I found that Liquitex body paint, while being specifically labeled as “body paint” is not paint that can be used on your body. Very misleading. Fortunately, I found this out before I ordered it, and I tried a different brand instead. There’s one brand that looks much more promising, which I’ll buy at some paint for Kefka (as the paint I used last time was too flaky), but it doesn’t come in gray, which is necessary for pasty Ghirahim’s skin. So I’ll see if what I got will work, and if not, I’ll be forced to buy the black and white of the other brand and see if I can blend it properly.

And being in this most mood-ish of cosplay moods, I decided to look up more cosplay videos on Youtube, and I found several more great ones, including a really fantastic FF6 one I can’t believe I had missed. I can’t imagine a worse fate. And after seeing these most delightful of videos, I decided I’d share them with you all. Thank you, Duck. You’re welcome, readers.

The first video is a performance with Midna and Link in his wolf form. Midna’s costume looks awesome, and the wolf looks quite difficult to pull off, but they did it. It is meant to be the scene where the two of them first meet in “Twilight Princess”, complete with audio they must’ve recorded themselves, as it includes dialogue for Midna (who has no voice acting besides random sounds and giggles in the game), and let me tell you, that voice is absolutely perfect for Midna. And in case you’re wondering, as I certainly did, if Midna will ride wolf Link at one point like she does in the game… Yes, yes, she does. And there’s a little surprise at the end, so be sure to watch the whole thing, my dears.

Video from Youtube User: Terri Boake

The next video is my favorite Ghirahim cosplay, which includes Link, Ghirahim, and later Sheik (who is not really from “Skyward Sword”) and one of Link’s friends in “SS”. It’s quite funny (the bug net is an inside joke…), and I love the sounds Link makes, the way he never actually speaks in the game, but just makes those yells and such when he swings his sword around. Genius. Pure genius, I says.

Video from Youtube User: Kimi Nibiz

And speaking of Link, I forgot to include this great video from the masquerade I was in this year, a very entertaining performance that includes various sound effects from the game, such as when you collect rupees and the low health warning. Again, genius. Proof that “Zelda” fans are awesome people. Wait, I’m a “Zelda” fan, too. Hmm…

Video from Youtube User: Blao9

This next one is a rather funny video of someone performing as Kefka at the finals of the Madman Cosplay Nationals. (I had no idea such a thing even existed.) It’s no wonder they made it that far, and I think they did a very entertaining performance (the part with the guy under the control of the slave crown was particularly amusing), and I must say, they are especially brave for being able to talk throughout their entire performance. (The only reason I survived mine was because no actual human interaction was required.) Watch and enjoy, in any order you so please.

Video from Youtube User: t8steve

And I’ve saved the best for last, the video that got me in a crazy excited mood for next year’s comicon because of the sheer OMG-ness of it. (That’s right, I used OMG. ROFL. That doesn’t have to make sense.) I’m serious, this performance is amazing, and I think it’s quite possibly my favorite of all time! It is for FF6 and includes Terra, her Esper self (they’re the same person, as she can change into her Esper form at times, so that should clear up any potential confusion), and of course, Kefka. I’m serious, you must see this performance. Everything about it is perfect. The costumes are amazing, the facial expressions are superb, and that performance, all perfectly in sync with the final boss theme of the game, the epic (and really long) “Dancing Mad”. Watch out for when Kefka does the lightning spell. Seriously, it’ll blow your mind. Pow. Blown mind.

Video from Youtube User: VhSAlucard

Weren’t those awesome? Seriously, they so were. Even if they make me a little ashamed of my own costume and performance, but, hey, they give me something to strive for, and that can only be good. I just wish I had a group to perform with, and I suppose I had a perfect opportunity to get in touch with fellow cosplayers while at the comicon, but alas! Perhaps next time. Oh, but how fun that would be. Sniff. Self-pity. Anyway, if you haven’t looked at those videos, I implore you, please do. They are really great.

The Duck Can’t Stop Freaking Out After That Amazing Performance…I’m Freaking Out, Try and Stop Me, You Can’t


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