The Duck Faces Slender Man…Now Available on Youtube

Hello, my dears.  You may not be aware of this, but I recently checked out my very first PC game, “Slender: The Nine Pages” after watching an entertaining, yet frightening, Youtube video of it.  This game involves your character wandering around a dark basement, collecting, well, nine pages.  All the while, you are stalked by a mysterious, faceless being in a suit called Slender Man (hence, the title, which makes much more sense once you know the context).

And Slender Man is one terrifying…whatever he is.  He teleports, and he can appear nearby at any time (except at the very beginning of the game, where you have time to wander freely, either until you collect your first page or after several minutes have passed), and if he touches you, it’s game over.  To make matters worse, you can’t even look at Slender Man.  If you turn in his direction, the screen turns to static, and the game will end if you stare at him for too long.  Which isn’t a huge problem, really, as I’m too busy running for my life than sticking around to stare at him, thank you very much.

The setting, Slender Man himself, and the freaky background noise is enough to make this game the most terrifying I’ve ever played.  I actually began writing my thoughts about the game on United We Game, and so that was where I also published a post on my experiences playing it, and so if you’d like to check it out, the link is here.  But, because I’m kind and selfless and wonderful, I shall also include below the gameplay video I recorded and uploaded to Youtube.  I have never recorded such a thing before, and I have never uploaded a video to Youtube before, either, but it was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, and it ended up being a lot of fun.  So check it, please, my dears.  Pretty please?  Pleeeeaaase?  Just turn the volume up a bit so you can hear me.  I didn’t know I was so quiet until I was watching my work.  And it is rather long, but some pretty exciting stuff occurs.

Video from Youtube User: The Duck of Indeed

Now wasn’t that fun?  Aren’t you glad you watched it?  Because you did watch it, didn’t you?  Yep, you definitely did.  Or else I’ll be really sad.  Do you want that?  Do you want me to be really sad?

Seriously, please watch it, I’m all excited!

The Duck That Faced the Slender Man and Was Quite a Baby About It

4 thoughts on “The Duck Faces Slender Man…Now Available on Youtube

  1. Gosh, I’d never make it through this game, haha. I’m incapable of screaming for some reason, but I’d be making plenty of terrified gasping and squeaking noises. Hehe, loved the commentary. 🙂 I’ve never made a video before, so I’m a little curious: did you use a special mic to record, or just the one built into the computer?


    1. I’m surprised I was brave enough to play this game, since I’m usually pretty wimpy. It’s a pretty terrifying game, but it’s good for when I want to be scared.

      And I recorded the video with Ezvid, a free download off the Internet. It’s not always reliable, but after changing some settings and being careful not to touch the computer while it’s loading the video, it does a pretty good job. And I used an external microphone, though I have to make sure I talk loudly so my voice can be heard in the video.


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