Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

Today’s 30 day video game topic (oh, my gosh, this is taking me far longer than 30 days) is #9, the saddest game scene, which is really right up my alley (if I had an alley, but I don’t, as I live in a neighborhood, not a city). I love sad things in games. Some of my best gaming moments involve me weeping for all I’m worth (which is about 7, maybe 8, bucks) because I like emotional stuff. Crying makes me happy. It really does. And so I had fun thinking about what my topic would be for this post, though I must admit, I am going to cheat a little. (By looking up the answers? No. Not that kind of cheating.) Because I have two scenes, actually, but only one that I count as my official topic for this post.

But first, my unofficial topic, a scene from the awesome SNES game, “Illusion of Gaia”. For a reason even I can’t comprehend, Will’s dream makes me cry every single time. Without fail. This scene involves Will dreaming about being back home, and he goes downstairs and talks to his deceased mother. The music is really sad and depressing, and she asks him if he thinks the approaching comet is a good thing or a bad thing. And that’s it. And it is really amazing how effective this is at making me sob like a duckling.

But, that’s not the scene I want to focus on. What I mainly want to discuss is the ending of “Final Fantasy X”, and so, as you can easily guess, this post will contain major spoilers, so read at your own risk. I mean it. You’re putting yourself in peril going beyond this point without the proper precautions.

Ahem, but before I get to the scene itself, I really need to give you the backstory first. Because, like all “FF” games, the plot can be rather confusing at times, and so the ending won’t make as much sense unless you understand what happens in the game. So listen up, my dear readers, and be ready to take notes. To be honest, though, I don’t understand it all myself, but what it all boils down to is… Okay, so there is this guy named Tidus who lives in the city of Zanarkand, but one day, an enormous monster called Sin shows up. Somehow, Tidus wakes up a thousand years later, Zanarkand long ago reduced to ruin. You see, Sin is a nasty beast that continuously causes people trouble for their supposed sins. In this future where Tidus somehow finds himself, summoners and their guardians travel the land, stopping at each temple along the way, with their eventual goal being to defeat Sin and give the land a temporary peace, as Sin always returns after a time, no matter how many times it’s killed.

Well, poor Tidus is rather alone in the world, but fortunately for him, he meets a summoner named Yuna and becomes one of her guardians. They end up traveling about, helping Yuna on her pilgrimage, and as you expect, a relationship blooms between the two. But, a time comes when Tidus makes a most disturbing discovery. (Thar be spoilers beyond this point….) Tidus, well, he’s fake. That’s right, the Tidus we see existing 1,000 years after the destruction of Zanarkand is not real, as he is, in fact, just something dreamt up by the Fayth (I know, this is probably getting pretty confusing at this point, but they relate to the Aeons the summoners use to defeat Sin). And to be honest, I really don’t understand all of this. All I know is, Tidus is a dream, and while it’s great when the characters discover a way to defeat Sin permanently, that means that there will no longer really be a need for summoners, or Aeons, or the Fayth. And if the Fayth stop dreaming, that means Tidus will no longer exist.

And so, as we head towards the ending of the game, only Tidus (and the player, of course) knows what’s going to happen. You know it’s coming, but you have no choice in the matter, as Sin must be stopped. So Sin is defeated for good in the end, and the whole time, we know Tidus is going to disappear, and while he manages to keep a happy face about the whole thing, I, for one, did not. I bawled my head off as the other characters found out about Tidus’s fate, and then I cried harder still as Yuna tries to hug him before he fades away, but instead goes right through him like he’s not even there. It’s just…sniff…it still makes me sad…just thinking…about it. Sniff, snort, whimper. For me, this is seriously the saddest video game scene I have ever seen. Which makes me love the game that goes along with it all the more. Square, you make me cry, and I love you for it.

A Duck With Leaky Peepers

4 thoughts on “Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

  1. I also am a big fan of sad moments in video games. My favorite sad scene is from Professor Layton and the Last Specter. It is when Loosha dies. Oh my gosh, the feelz. T.T Now, whenever I see Loosha, or pretty much anything from The Last Specter, I remember that scene. And it makes me sad.


      1. If you really want to add a lot more games to your collection of tear-inducers, you should play all of the Professor Layton games. The only one that really isn’t too sad is the first one, but after that, they become extremely sad and tear-inducing.


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