Cabinets: Another Weird Duck Dream

The night of March 26, I had a rather spooky dream. You see, I’ve been hearing a lot of weird noises in my house lately, plus I had spent the last hour before naptime writing a scene from a fan fiction story where a girl sees something in the woods (aren’t you impressed with my originality…?), which turned out to be a rather bad thing to focus on during a time of day bearing a less than cheery reputation. And so, once my duck mind began its usual routine of slumbering, I found myself in a dreamscape that looked just like my house. I was in a room, playing a “Ratchet and Clank” game, when I heard someone messing about with the cabinets in my kitchen. I paused the game (which looked strangely fuzzy and distorted, and if I wasn’t currently worrying about the potential of a murderer or ninja in my kitchen, I’d probably be driven into a panic over the state of my TV). And I listened. With my ears. And it was confirmed, I was definitely hearing something, and yet, I never heard someone come in. No door or window opening. No alarm. Surely no one can be in here, because how in the world did they do so without my knowledge? Then, it occurred to me that I had been hearing noises for some time now, and I pondered over the chilling possibility that, perhaps, they had been in my house this whole time….

In a manner that was either quite brave or super foolhardy, I left the room and went into the kitchen, and while I found no one here, there were sure signs that an intruder had been present, as my…junk drawer, of all things, was open! Okay, so someone was definitely here, but where are they now, I asked the scissors quivering with terror in my tampered-with storage receptacle. But, not really. But, seriously, though, where were they? Deciding it was time to make a timely and very prudent exit, I grabbed my cellphone and went into the garage. Once inside my vehicular transport, the Duck Mobile, but not really, I opened the phone and called the police, leaving the phone as it rang on speaker on the seat beside me as I backed out of the driveway, as this seemed like a most cunning way of driving while talking on the phone, without the danger of a collision. I then proceeded to tell them of the threat within my abode, while I began to drive around the neighborhood as I waited for them to arrive.

That part seemed to be cut from my dream, however, probably to conserve brain space (I don’t know how many gigabytes I even have left!), and I found myself back inside with a police officer that searched absolutely everywhere inside my house, but he found nothing. I knew someone was still here, though. They had been hiding out for at least a week, I believed, so they must be somewhere, and I just hadn’t had any luck in locating them yet. The officer left, and I just hoped that this rather sneaky intruder truly was gone, as I couldn’t keep calling the police over daily if they’d never find a thing. I wandered the house, only to pass by a room I thought I had already walked by, where I now found a stool with a black sneaker set atop. As bizarre as this was, I was rather freaked out that this person was indeed still in my house and now leaving evidence when they never had before.

And the dream ended with me trying to tell myself that no one could possibly be here. It was not possible, I reasoned, for someone to be so stealthy that they could flee the room whenever I came over with no sounds whatsoever indicating their retreat. Seriously, if they could escape that quickly, wouldn’t I hear them, at least? And now that it’s over, I’m only a little traumatized. Just a little. I’m still hearing the strange noises in my house, which have made me a little jumpy as of late, but fortunately, I have yet to use my police call in real life, and I have a replica of the Master Sword to keep me safe. So don’t even try, stealthy cabinet ninja. Don’t even try…. Seriously, don’t! Stay away from me! I-I’ve been known to bite on occasion!… But, not really…

The Duck Whose House Simply Has a Gnome Infestation. That’s Right, Just Gnomes…Maybe Even the One From That Commercial. He’s Nice, Right? Yeah…


6 thoughts on “Cabinets: Another Weird Duck Dream

  1. Last night I had a dream where my church was haunted – and some zoo animals were in the basement attempting to harm people…
    It was pretty terrifying, but I think yours was much worse. Dreams like that make my nervous levels really high.


    1. What a strange dream. I had a dream once where my basement had a strange woman living in it, and I was trying to figure out how to get her to leave. Basements are always effective nightmare locations.


  2. I hate dreams like that. Usually when I have those kinda dreams, there seriously is someone in my house in the dream, and it’s always a murderer. So I spend most of the dream doing my best to hide from the murderer, and cowering in total terror because the murderer is always just a few inches away from me. And there’s always that possibility that he will find me in my mind. Then, when I finally wake up, it takes a few minutes before I can even think of falling back asleep, and I’m usually very tired.


    1. Yeah, it is usually a murderer, isn’t it? I have those, too, and sometimes I even encounter the murderers, and I’m trying to figure out how to keep them from murdering me until help comes. Then, I, too, wake up freaked out and unable to calm down until morning. It’s always a relief when the sun comes back.


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