Pet Names

I’m probably a bit of a weirdo, but I really like thinking up names for pets. It’s kind of a mini hobby of mine, even if it’s a bit pointless, considering I currently have no pets, I don’t plan on getting more, and even if I did, I just know I’ll never have enough critter-companions with which to assign all these names to. Nevertheless, I decided I’d get this surplus of names written down in a post so I could share the fun with you all.

First off, I have found that words for food always make good names for pets. It’s true. Don’t argue. I would like to name a pig Chorizo, but I don’t know what kind of creature should be called Schnitzel…. But, something should be. It would only be right. I also thought it would be rather hilarious to name a pair of pets Wasabi and Ginger, after that weird globby stuff you always get with sushi at Japanese restaurants. I also think Hombre, the Spanish word for “man”, would be a great name for a pet, though that one would obviously need to be reserved for a dude pet. And Clip Clop would be the perfect name for a horse, especially those little Shetland ponies (oh, my gosh, aren’t those adorable?!). And names of books of the Bible would be great, too. Especially 2 Timothy, which is made all the more awesome because I once had a cat named Timmy. So if I got another pet and named it the same thing, I could then dub it 2 Timothy. (I don’t think I’d want to name any pets Revelations, though. That book was far too terrifying.) And I also watch far too much “MST3K” (I’m not telling you what that stands for…), so I would totally love to name another pet pair Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank. Especially TV’s Frank. Is that not the greatest name ever? And yes, sometimes I also enjoy actual human names, as well. Some of my favorites for pets include Gertrude, Gretchen, Myrtle, Edmund, and such names as that. You know, the ones that aren’t used as often.

And my favorite names of all…titles, which I have saved for last. I would love to name a pet the Professor, or the Sherriff, or even the Doctor, which is also great because it’s like I’m naming it after Dr. Who, and who’s to say I’m not? More delightful names include the Colonel, the Lieutenant, Sarge, the General. And Cap’n. Or Captain, but Cap’n’s probably better. And the Duke, perhaps. And Baron Hair would be a great name for a pet adorned with copious amounts of fluff, while a lovely lady critter could be named Ma’am or Mademoiselle. Aw, I can just see dainty, little Mademoiselle now. So cute… Even if she’d probably be a bit snooty.

All right, so there you have it, even if this was a rather weird post. But, it was fun, right? The answer is yes! What about you? What kind of names do you like for pets?

Would it Be Weird to Name a Pet “the Duck”?


7 thoughts on “Pet Names

  1. Most of the pets I have either have food names or inanimate object names.
    My fish are Sushi and Kebab, while two of the family’s cats are Jet and Moon.
    Though some have lesser-used human names, like Charlie and Jasper.


    1. Some of mine have been Olimar the rat (named after the main character from “Pikmin”), Arwen the cat, and Imhotep the fish. We also had some birds once named Neptune and Pegasus. My cat, Alex, was named after a turtle I saw at school once.


  2. I use a pretty large variety of names. Some are human, some are the names of objects (Example: I have a gray cat named Steel). At one point in time, I gave my cats names that sounded like they could be used in the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. The names I thought of were Greyheart, Tigerstorm, and Ravenwing.


    1. Cool pet names. I had a cat once named Arwen, named after a character in “The Lord of the Rings”. I also considered Eowyn (however that’s spelled), but it was harder to say, so I went with Arwen.


  3. I’m pretty bad at making up monikers. Growing up, my pets had pretty traditional names — Tiger (a cat), Smokey (a dog), Kitty (wish I could say dog but he was a cat). Nowadays they range from a cat named Moose (he came with the name Elwood, but that somehow evolved into Moose over time), to fish named Leo and Al, to a snail named Charlie. I like the idea of using uncommon names (Bartholomew, Hazel, Phineas) for animals, or old-fashioned names in general (Archibald, Maude, Mabel). We have a couple wild turkeys in the neighborhood; Archibald would be a good name for the really big, puffy one.

    At one point, I wanted to name a dog duo Sir Didymus and Ambrosius, but that has yet to happen.

    “TV’s Frank” takes the cake, for all the right reasons!


    1. Archibald is a great name for a big, puffy turkey. I’ve also thought of names like Reginald (but not Reggie) and Cornelius.

      I like the name Moose for a cat. Actually, naming an animal after an animal it’s not is rather fun. I also like naming a pet something that begins with Sir, like you mentioned. Hmm, Sir Cornelius…


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