Top Songs from FF8

Behold, another post on my top songs from a “Final Fantasy” game, one series whose music never disappoints. Just another example of the great songs found in this series comes from “Final Fantasy VIII”, including one of my favorite songs played on an organ ever (and I do love me some organ music) and a rather nice collection of epic boss battle music. Enjoy!

10. “Find Your Way” plays in various places, like ruins and such. It is a slower, calm song that I find to be quite pretty. It also manages to make every location it plays in feel mysterious and a bit sad.

9. “Ride On” plays when you, well, ride on…the Ragnarok. It is a very fun, cheerful song, probably because it’s finally actually convenient to get places for the first time since the game began!

8. “Force Your Way” is the regular boss music, and whenever it starts to play instead of the usual battle theme, you just know that something epic is coming up. And you know to be afraid. Very afraid.

7. As with all “Final Fantasy” games, the battle themes are awesome, and “Don’t be Afraid” is no exception. This song is fast-paced and epic, even if it is only for regular battles. You have to love a game when even the normal battles have such epic music.

6. “Truth” plays during a particularly important part of the game, so I won’t spoil it. It is slow and rather sad, and even though I also think it’s quite lovely, it also makes me feel strangely lonely when I listen to it, like I lost something I once had….

5. “Maybe I’m a Lion” (well, wouldn’t you know?…) plays during part three of the final boss, which I got halfway through before dying, after which I have yet to return. It’s pretty hardcore, which is how you must be if you don’t want to die an embarrassing death like I did. It’s a cool song, though. That brings back memories of humiliation, but that’s okay, I guess.

4. “Legendary Beast” plays during the second part of the final boss, which was a huge pain. Thus far, I only managed to beat it once thanks to a strange limit break Rinoa did kind of out of nowhere (I had no idea she was capable of that, and I could never get her to do it again). Anyway, this song is pretty cool and epic, and it totally stresses me out, but I don’t know how much of that is the song or just memories….

3. “The Extreme”, I think, plays during the last phase of the final boss (I don’t know for sure because I didn’t get that far; I just hunted this song down on Youtube to make my top ten list complete). It’s a shame I didn’t get to it officially because I think it’s quite an awesome song. It starts with some really chilling vocals (which I bet are intended to psych you out), and then it gets into this beautiful piano, before going into a more fast-paced, epic tune more befitting of a final boss. A final boss I never reached. Which makes me sad, but at least the song makes me happy.

2. “Succession of Witches” is the theme of the sorceress, and it is just spooky, considering it has a really sinister sound to it. And what makes it even better is that this great song has several versions, including an epic battle version and my favorite, the song that plays during the parade in Deling, which I think is the most fun, and I enjoy those spooky vocals.

1. “The Castle” is played in Ultimecia’s castle, and it is by far the best song in this game. It is played on an organ, and it is just an amazing song for the final level of the game. It just gives this level a really epic feel, and you just anticipate all the more the upcoming final battle. It actually made me miss the game before I was even done. This song also sounds like it would be really fun to play (but from what I saw of the piano tutorial, also impossible…)

And in an unrelated note, I just received the most profane and incensed trilogy of angry comments I have ever seen (and yet, despite their obvious contempt for myself and my blog, they commented more than once, on more than one post), including copious amounts of the F word, and I was called the word they use for female dogs, which I find odd, because it is clear in the title of my blog that I am, in fact, a duck. Well, I suppose they are both short words that start with D, so perhaps there was some confusion…. Anyway, said comments were removed, as I don’t have any desire for myself (again) or my readers to be subjected to such things. This is a happy place, and I intend to keep it that way. In the end, this reminds me that I must thank all my lovely commenters out there that have been so good to me in the nearly four years this blog has been around. Everyone, except for the one who mistook me for a dog, has been extremely kind and respectful of my sometimes incoherent tirades that I call blog posts. So thank you all.

Maybe I’m a Duck, But I’m Certain I’m Not a Dog


5 thoughts on “Top Songs from FF8

  1. I probably will sound redundant, but “Succession of Witches” sounds exactly like a “Legend of Zelda” song (I suppose growing up with those games is starting to show effect).

    I’m very sorry to hear about that rude person. Why someone would go and say those things on such a lovely Blog is beyond me. But I suppose there will always be very rude people.


    1. Oh, I didn’t notice. Which “Zelda” song does it sound like?

      Yes, they were a very rude person indeed. But, their bad manners are not going to put a blemish on my blog. Their comments have gone to my spam folder, where they belong.


  2. My favorite song on this list is “Find Your Way”. I have once again chosen the saddest sounding song to be a favorite.

    I don’t know what to say about the rude comments other than I’m very sorry someone was mean to you. And I hope they aren’t mean again.


    1. Sad songs almost always make it into my top ten. They’re usually the prettiest.

      And that person’s comments have been quarantined to the quagmire that is the spam folder, where I hope any future comments of theirs will go, as well.


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