100 Theme Blog Challenge No. 11: Memory

Today’s 100 theme topic is number 11, memory.  I guess there’s not a whole lot of room for, okay, I forgot the word I need here, but you know what I mean.  (Hey, my memory was bad just there!  It ties in with the topic!)  Well, considering I’m not going to discuss “Cats” (they had a song called “Memory”, didn’t they?), I guess my only choice is to discuss actual memories.  (Honestly, though, did anyone understand “Cats”?  I had no idea what happened in it.  Plus, I don’t care what anyone says, those were not real cats.)  I guess I could also discuss random access memory in a computer, too, but that sounds boring.  Yawn.

Anyway, memory.  Memories.  Yes.  Well, memories are some of the most important things we can have.  You know all that corny stuff where people say, even if we’re apart, you’ll always be in my heart (it rhymed, too!)?  It really should be, you’ll always be in my brain.  But, that sounds much less poignant, I suppose.  Memories are sometimes all we have of someone or something we have lost or can no longer visit.  And even if we had something, like an object to remember them by, it would be meaningless without a memory to pair it with.

Memories can be painful, yes, but they can also be a wonderful thing.  You can remember your childhood.  Friends and family you haven’t seen in years.  You can relive events you enjoyed and a time you wish you could go back to.  I have written posts from time to time on such things, and they are some of the most entertaining posts to write about, as I can reminisce about old times and get them down in written form so I will always have them even if I do someday forget.  When my mom and I would take walks on the beach.  When my friend and I journeyed into the treacherous woods near her house, complete with thorn bushes and a mysterious chain link fence that went off to eternity, or so I thought.  Memories of when my cat, Arwen, was still alive, and would stand on my bed when I let her in my room at night, and would loom over me and creep me out to the point that I had to make her leave, when she may have only been guarding me from thugs and pirates and even that goblin that got in once….

There are so many things to remember.  Stories you enjoyed, and your first time through a video game.  Something funny that happened or a time someone was nice when no one else would be.  People you care about and lost pets and something you had as a kid that you know you loved, but simply can’t find now.  And places you’ve been.  The beach and the forests with the mysterious old houses no one lives in any longer and visiting Canada and eating chocolate croissants outside the bakery in Niagara on the Lake.  I remember barn owls flying through the trees beside a river and the weasels that would climb onto shore after a swim.  I remember staying late at a friend’s house, and a bat flew over the backyard.  I remember all the cats on St. Martin and the time I visited Las Vegas as a duckling, and it wasn’t so raunchy at the time (one hotel had a little forest inside, weee!).  I remember old mines my parents and I visited on hikes, one complete with a purple gem I remember so clearly that glowed in the dark, I know for sure it was there, as strange as it sounds, and I wish so hard I would have grabbed it, but I didn’t, and all I have left is the memory of it.

I remember the sad things, too.  Leaving friends and knowing you’d never see them again and losing pets and all kinds of other painful things, but the good and the bad are part of who we are, only because we remember them.  If we forgot, they would have no lasting impact, and we would be different people.  We all love the happy memories the most, but we need all of them.  Memories, as I said, are some of our most important possessions.  Maybe we will lose them with age, but they can’t be destroyed by fire or stolen by robbers.  They are ours, and we all have our own unique collection that no one else can have.  Memories are a wonderful and terrible thing, but in the end, they are some of the most precious things we can ever have.

Remember the Duck, and Maybe I’ll Remember You Back


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