Top Songs from Rayman Legends

You may have read a post I wrote some time ago about my favorite songs from “Rayman Origins”, one game that has some of the best music I have ever heard.  Seriously.  And so I was quite excited when “Rayman Legends” came out, and while my standards were quite high due to the amazing music of its predecessor, I was not disappointed.  This game has some great and unique songs, as well, and now I present you all with my top ten songs from this wonderful game, with links to Youtube.

10. “Dark Creature Pursuit” plays in levels where these terrifying creatures chase you, a perfect title and an even better song.  I’m serious; this song is scary, especially when you’re being chased by the savage, little monsters referred to in the title.  The song is fast and really raises your heart rate and blood pressure just by listening to it.  I especially love the beginning section.  So frightening…

9. “Laser level” is likely not the accurate name of this song, but it was all I could find, and it does indeed play in levels that often involve, well, lasers.  This is a fast song that sounds kind of like an accordion to me and can only be described as…hyper.  Not to mention awesome.

8. “Orchestral Chaos” is the second of the musical levels, levels where the gameplay is in sync with the music.  This one, while not being my favorite of the musical levels, has my favorite music, a more classical style that I always enjoy.  As this music is best experienced along with the gameplay that accompanies it, I included the video of this level, as well.  Because I am kind.

Video from Youtube User: IGNGameplay

7. “Infernal Pursuit” is often played in faster-paced areas involving running from something or chasing after something, and the music fits quite well.  I think it’s a rather pretty song, too.  It sounds like a violin to me.

6. “Fiesta de los Muertos” is one of the stranger songs of the game, with the whistling parts and the vocals, but I find it strangely soothing.  It takes a while to get started, but it gets much better at 0:48, once you get past the part that sounds rather like people eating crunchy food….

5. “Infinite Tower” is a super epic song that is a variation of the game’s main theme.  It is…epic.  Ridiculously so.  Especially with the vocals that start around 1:44.

4. “20,000 Lums Under the Sea” is such a great song (once it gets started around 0:30) and takes place in some of the awesome spy-themed underwater levels (the best levels of the game).  I love this song.  It manages to sound rather glamorous and yet, mysterious, all at once.  (And it strangely reminds me of some of the music from “Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time”, especially Vorselon’s ship…)

3. “Toad Story” is a super beautiful song that I think only plays once in the game.  It is quite lovely, but also very sad.  I enjoy listening to it, even though it depresses me.

2. “The Spy Who Kicked Me” is close to the song I wanted, but I couldn’t quite find the exact song that I really loved from the level, the “Mysterious Inflatable Island”, so I included the video for it below.  I just love this song, and I loved this level, too, evading all the lights and trying not to get caught.  Gah, why don’t they have a video of just the music!  Why, cruel world!

Video from Youtube User: IGNGameplay

1. “Once Upon a Time” plays very early on in the game, and it is quite a fun song to listen to.  It sounds very medieval.

The Duck Who Kicked Me

8 thoughts on “Top Songs from Rayman Legends

  1. Hmm, the music for the game is quite astounding. Some of them sound like ‘Okami’ and ‘Professor Layton’ combined, such as Infernal Pursuit, minus the “Hey!” guy in the background. I’ll have to see where I can get these games…


    1. This game and “Rayman Origins” are really great games, and they have some of the best video game music ever. The songs in these games are always really unique and interesting. I like that this series seems to try new things a lot. (There’s even one song in a swamp area where a guy is going ribbit like a frog. Strange, but hey, who else had the guts to do that?)

      I love the music in “Okami”. It also has some of my favorite video game songs.


  2. I absolutely loved the music in Origins and I assumed Legends would have a hard time topping that but I was wrong. They nailed another one.

    Thing I love most about the music is that it really enhances and works hand in hand with the gameplay. I feel like the game overall would loose that spark if the music wasn’t nearly as great as it is.


    1. I absolutely agree. The music makes this game so much better. Basically, these two games are the whole package. Great graphics. Tons of fun. Challenging. And wonderful music. There’s nothing these games don’t excel in. A game can have not great music and still be good, but great music really does add to a game.

      The music from these games is some of the best video game music I’ve ever heard. And it helps that Ubisoft is also willing to try some new things that you don’t hear in most games. (Like that song in Winds of Strange that had a person going ribbit like a frog in the background.)


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