100 Theme Challenge No. 10: Breathe Again

Today’s topic in the 100 theme challenge is #10, Breathe Again.  What a strange topic that is.  Well, this means several things to me.  I could take it very literally and write about holding my breath, or I could think about what this phrase means to me in a less obvious sense.  “Breathe again” makes me think of being in a time of stress and when it’s finally all over, you can, well, “breathe again”.  But, you know what, I’m going to go with the literal definition.  That’s right.

But, it’s not a time I breathed again, no, I’m writing about a time someone else did.  Or failed to.  No, nothing morbid.  This phrase actually makes me think of this great web site I used to go on called “Homestar Runner”.  Have you heard of it?  It was a delightful site with silly characters and hilarious videos.  Oh, how heartily I laughed when visiting this site.  Everyone’s favorite character was not the one the site was named after, though, the bizarre, unintelligent Homestar who has no visible arms and talks with a lisp.  We all liked Strong Bad (with brothers Strong Mad and Strong Sad, of course) and the funny videos involving him answering emails people wrote to him, and he was not always nice about it.  (And don’t bother asking him how he types with boxing gloves on….)  But, the characters and videos are not the subject of this post.  It is the games.

This site also had some very humorous games, including some text adventures, the only place where I have ever played such games.  These games, at least on this site, sometimes included images and sometimes just a blank screen with nothing but text to read, and you must type actions.  If the directions you can go are North, South, or Dennis (play the games, and you’ll know what I mean), then you can say “Go Dennis”, and your character will, indeed, go Dennis.

One game was called “Peasant’s Quest” starring a peasant named Rather Dashing who is trying to go after the dragon Trogdor the Burninator for burning down his house.  This game actually had graphics, and it involved you wandering around this large area using the directional arrows and trying to figure out what to do using, as I said, text-based commands.  (I also think some of the monster names were based off of people that had emailed Strong Bad in the past.)  In this game, some of the commands resulted in silly response, too.  There was once a door I couldn’t open, so I typed “kick down door”, and I got back “Violence is not the answer”.  I also got killed when I messed with this mean, old horse.  Stupid equine creature.

And then there was the “Thy Dungeonman” series, originally with no images at all, but later on I played one that had pictures.  This game involved finding your way out of a dungeon, and you could not move the character in this game as you could in “Peasant’s Quest”.  This one was entirely controlled by typing (this one involved the “North, South, or Dennis” directions), and it was pretty funny.  And actually pretty fun, too.  I had quite a good time trying to figure out what to do and where to go, despite not being able to see anything in the first few games.  It doesn’t sound like a good time, but I assure you, it was.

And one in particular stands out to me, one where I kept dying of rabies repeatedly because some rat bit me, before I decided to give it the cheese cloth (despite the fact that I don’t think that’s made of actual cheese).  Well, I remember my first time through the game, at the beginning, there is a chamber pot.  You know, it’s used for…going to the bathroom.  And in that chamber pot was a key.  You needed this key, but being a chamber pot, it was quite smelly and unpleasant, and your character would simply refuse to grab this very important key, despite this key being the, well, key out of his cell.  So I thought about this for a moment, then, I typed in “hold breath”.  He did, and he got the key, and I left the room, proceeding to check out the surrounding area.  And you know what happened?  I died.  Because of one simple thing.  I had forgotten to…wait for it….wait for it…breathe again.

And there you have it.

Thy Dungeonduck


6 thoughts on “100 Theme Challenge No. 10: Breathe Again

    1. I used to have such a good time with that site. The videos could be hilarious, and the games fun and silly. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their games. I certainly did. They were my first and only text-based adventures I’ve gotten to play thus far, and they caused me to like a genre of games I never thought I’d enjoy. It’s just a different experience from usual games, and the humor makes it so much better.


      1. I think know what you mean. What struck me first and the hardest was the massive difference in pacing to today’s standard of video games. I haven’t played a game that allowed me to just indulge in the little things like these games do in a long time, and that’s something that I enjoy. And though I can’t say I’m going to partake of it on a daily basis I’m definitely going to sneak in more of it whenever I have some breathing room.

        Plus Peasant’s Quest is considerably longer than I though…


      2. Yeah, that’s true, the pacing does seem much different. You really do feel like you can just pause and think.

        The “Thy Dungeonman” games were all pretty short, but “Peasant’s Quest” is indeed the longer of the games. That one took me a decent amount of time to beat, especially since I got stuck a few times and had to really think before I could figure out how to get farther through the game.

        It can actually get a bit difficult in these games at times, as you must think outside the box, since your character doesn’t just have a few limited moves they can do, like jump or run, or several items they must use to get through levels. When you are typing in commands, it feels like you have an unlimited amount of options almost.


  1. Hey, Duck! I don’t know if you’d be interested, but there is a fan project for making a sequel for Banjo Tooie going on right now. It’s called Project Imagination. But in order for the project to succeed, it needs some volunteers. The list of what the project needs can be found here:

    If you don’t want to help with anything listed on that post, then the next best way to help is by getting the word out.The more people that now about it, the more likely the project will get volunteers. Of course, if you don’t want to help, that’s fine too. No one has to do something that they don’t want to!


    1. That sounds very interesting. I love the original “Banjo-Kazooie” games, and it would be great for another game to be made (especially when I was not a fan of Rareware’s “Nuts and Bolts”, a game that did not satisfy my desire for more “B-K” games).


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