Top Songs from Super Paper Mario

“Super Paper Mario” has some good music, and while I started to lose the love I once had for this game my second time through, listening to the music when I was preparing for this post caused my love to return, as it brought back the feelings I had when I first played the game.  Why not take a listen to the delightful songs?

            10. “Gloam Valley” is a strange song that I have mixed feelings about.  This song plays in a swamp or something, and the music really doesn’t fit.  And is very bizarre.  And much too thumpy for my tastes, causing me to have to turn the volume down whenever I played in this area.  Nevertheless and ironically, I still can’t help but have fun listening to this strange song, and so it still received the coveted spot of #10.

            9. “Floro Sapien Caverns” plays in the place of the same name, where the plant people called the Floro Sapiens live.  It’s a pretty song, and it sounds…adventure-y.

            8. “Memory” plays during the flashback scenes that tell the story (through dialogue only) of two people we don’t know the identities of until later in the game.  Their story is one of love gone tragic, as it always seems to do, and each time as their story progresses, the music is slightly different, and this is just the first version.  This song repeats a lot, but I like that it’s slow and peaceful.  It almost sounds like it’s being played on a phonograph to me.

            7. “Sammer’s Kingdom” is home to the 100 Sammer Guys and this delightful song.  I think this song is quite lovely and relaxing.

            6. “Fort Francis” is the castle of a super geeky dude named Francis (who wears a frannypack…).  This song has a different sound to it, and I find it to be a rather fun song to listen to.

            5. “The Underwhere” is where people go when their games end, and it is supposed to be like the Underworld from Greek and Roman mythology, complete with a three-headed Chain Chomp (instead of Cerberus), the River Twygz (instead of Styx), Charold the ferryman (instead of Charon), and Jaydes (instead of Hades).  I like this song a lot.  It’s just…good, and it’s a great song for such a creepy place.  Yeah.  (It takes about a minute to get started.)

            4. “In the Darkness” is a rather strange song that has always stuck with me.  It only plays a few times in the game, and I’ve always liked it because of all the feelings I think it conveys.  A feeling of being lost and wandering.  Mystery and loneliness.  I just love songs that really add to the experience of the game, and this one certainly does.  (I wrote a more in-depth post on this on “United We Game“.)

            3. “Merlee’s Mansion” plays in, well, the mansion…that Merlee lives in.  This song gives me the feeling of sneaking around a big mansion, and then it takes a more sinister tone shortly into it.

            2. This may spoil the ending of the game, so watch out.  “The Ultimate Show” is another great song that plays during the final boss battle.  I like this song quite a bit, and it is a bit different for a final boss battle.  There’s another version of this that I like, as well, but the title may spoil the ending of the game, through mere association with the first song, so don’t click the link if you don’t want to risk spoiler-y-ness….

            1. “Count Bleck’s Plan” is my favorite song by far.  It is the best version of Count Bleck’s theme and plays in the scenes with him at the end of every chapter.  It’s quite diabolical sounding.  I also included the link to the theme for “Castle Bleck”, which is another version of the song I like.  This song has a style that makes it sound like it’s from a much older game, but it’s a good song and goes well with the Count’s dark castle.  Some parts of this one sound sad, too.



4 thoughts on “Top Songs from Super Paper Mario

  1. I utterly adored this particular game’s soundtrack. I utterly adored the game itself, for that matter. Definitely agree with your #1 and #2; as far as variations on Bleck’s theme go, I’m particularly fond of Champion of Destruction as well.

    Have you played TTYD? That’s my personal favourite Paper Mario game, both in terms of music and gameplay 😀


    1. I loved this game and its music, too. It was such a delight. I just wish it wasn’t so different from the other “Paper Mario” games. I’ll need to check out Champion of Destruction. I forgot that one.

      Yes, I have played TTYD. It was a great game, too. My favorite song from that one I believe was when you fight Cortez. It was awesome.


  2. Aw, Duck, I beg to differ. Love never goes tragic ALL the time. Well, let’s forget Romeo and Juliet for now. Think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Frog Prince….and, yes, even Shrek! Just listen to the violins, the tweeting lovebirds, the gentle roll of the waves…. 😀


    1. Yes, I suppose there are plenty of love stories that go well. And then there are those like in this game that almost result in the destruction of all worlds. Hmm, I suppose that isn’t a common occurrence, though, fortunately. Even if lots of people think that it’s the end of the world when a relationship doesn’t work out, hee hee.


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