Top Songs from Sonic Unleashed

The music of most “Sonic” games nowadays seems to consist mainly of rock and rap, something I am not particularly fond of, which is why it was a welcome break to play “Sonic Unleashed”, which has a largely different style of music, more like the traditional music of most games, which I prefer.  Due to this change in music style, “Sonic Unleashed” has my favorite “Sonic” music, and I have listed the top 10 here.

            10. “Chun-Nan: Dragon Road-Night” is a fast song that I think has an interesting sound to it, with a kind of flute-sounding instrument during a lot of it.  My favorite part is at 1:55.

            9. “Spagonia: Rooftop Run-Night” plays in the narrow alleys of some Rome-like town at night, and I think the song gives the place a mysterious, lonely feel.

            8. “Holoska: Cool Edge-Night” is a lovely song that fits well with this lovely location, a place of ice and snow with the ocean far below and the Aurora Borealis above.  My favorite part is around 1:13.

            7. “Adabat: Jungle Joyride-Night” plays in an island stage at night, and I find this song to be quite lovely, but it also makes me a bit sad.  I like the instrument used in much of it, which I think is a cello or something similar.  (This song makes me think of “Vexx” a little, especially the music that plays in the Below….)

            6. “Shamar: Arid Sands-Day” is a rather fast and fun song that plays in the desert stages during the daytime.

            5. “Chun-Nan: Hub-Night” plays in the town in Chun-Nan at night, and it is a slower song that I find to be lovely and soothing.  I especially like the part at 0:23.

            4. “Shamar: Hub-Day” plays in the desert town in Shamar during the day, and I find it to be a lot of fun to listen to.

            3. “Chun-Nan: Dragon Road-Day” is just a good song, but I’m not good at describing it.  I just like it.  And I like that drum you hear here and there.

            2. “Shamar: Arid Sands-Night” is awesome, and I’m not usually into jazzy music.  But, this particular song is just great.  Take a listen.

            1. “Eggman Land-Day” is, obviously, my favorite song, and I think it fits really well with Dr. Eggman’s weird amusement park, factory-ish place.  I think the song sounds rather sinister, and I especially like the beginning.  Why not listen, my dearies!

Eggduck Land

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