Top Songs from Muramasa: The Demon Blade

“Muramasa: The Demon Blade” is a game that stands out for its beautiful artwork, and I believe the music is not much different.  This game has a lot of very unique, beautiful songs with a distinct style you don’t hear in most games, and here is a list of my top ten songs.

            10. I just can’t find the titles to some of these songs, but this is a lovely, calmer song that plays in various places.  Yeah…  (Just when you thought my descriptions couldn’t get any more vague, now I even leave the titles out.)

            9. “Colorful Flowers” plays in the cities.  While I do like this song, it also really gives me the creeps, and the ghosts don’t help.

            8. I also can’t seem to find the title of this one, but this song often plays in the areas with the mountains and the twisted trees.  I think it is an interesting song, with the male voices at the beginning, and then the female voice that shows up around 1:00 in.

            7. Also can’t find the title, but I do know it plays during the final battles during some of the secret endings.  It sounds like something pretty important is going on.

            6. “Rampant Evils” plays when you fight the giant spider in Kisuke’s story (I forgot which Momohime boss).  I think this is a great song for such a battle, and I find it rather epic and a bit sinister sounding, too.

            5. “Powerful Looking” is the music that plays when you fight Torahime in Kisuke’s story (once again, forget which boss in Momohime’s story).  This is quite a pretty song, and I especially like when it gets to 0:27 in.

            4. Another nameless song often played in the forest.  I like this one a lot, and I think it has an interesting sound to it.

            3. “Deep Mountain” doesn’t sound all that great at first, but it gets quite beautiful starting around 0:52 in or so.  It is a very lovely song with a violin sound to it.  It doesn’t play very often in the game, though.  This makes me slightly lugubrious.

            2. “Forest” is played in places like forests and fields, and I think it is quite a good song.  But, I’m not very good at describing it.  It’s just…good.

            1. “Seasonal Beauties” is a very beautiful song that plays in locations like Mt. Fuji.  You must listen to it.  You will like it.  Because I have great taste in music.

Seasonal Ducks, Though We’re Always in Season


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