Nominated for the WordPress Family Award

I have just been nominated for yet another award, the WordPress Family Award, by the very kind Cary of “Recollections of Play”.  Thanks much!  This award pertains to those who have had an impact on our WordPress experience, our WordPress “family”, if you will.  I have met a bunch of great bloggers here, and their support is what keeps me blogging.  Thank you all.

            Now it’s time to follow the rules associated with this award.  I must put the picture for the award on my blog.  Okay, here you go.

Yep, here it is
Yep, here it is

            Then, I must link back to the one who nominated me.  I already did.  So there.

            Then, I must nominate 10 people who have impacted my WordPress experience, my WordPress family, and tell them I nominated them.  Will do.  I am very particular about who I include, so my list has a mere six people, so sorry, I broke the rules a little bit, but it makes it all the more special, no?  Yes.

            Cary of “Recollections of Play”, of course, how could I not nominate her back?

            Hatm0nster of “My Two Caps

            Carl D’Agostino of “I Know I Made You Smile

            D. James Fortescue

            Mal of “Maloquacious

            Mairzeebp of “Goodbye Whoopie Pie

 You Are Part of the Duck Swarm Now, Duck Swarm Unite!


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