Tinkerbell and the Ducks That Draw Her

Don't take her lightly, despite the fact that, in theory, you could crush her with your fist
Don’t take her lightly, despite the fact that, in theory, you could crush her with your fist

I have been pretty darn lazy with my drawing lately.  To give voice to a possible reason as to why this is, I’ve been busy with all manner of other things.  I’ve been spending much of my free time writing fan fiction.  I’ve also been reading fan fiction (just finished reading “Those Lacking Spines” for the second time, which is the best “Kingdom Hearts” fan fiction ever, if not the best fan fiction to have ever been written in either the Realm of Light, the Realm of Darkness, or that one in-between that doesn’t exist but does somehow).  I’ve also been busy with…okay, I’ll admit it.  I just haven’t been in a drawing mood lately.  Not at all.  I still have the desire to make beautiful art, but I have lost the will to actually practice until I am capable of making beautiful art.  There really is no possible way for me to reach my goal unless I practice, but to put it simply, I really, really just don’t feel like it.

            But, I did do one picture recently, a picture I did for my mom because she likes Tinkerbell (not to be confused with Tinklebell, who, as far as I understand, only exists in the imagination of immature people like myself).  And so before she could do much of anything with it, I snatched it away to scan it, and now I present it to you on this here blog (I did give the picture back to her afterward, in case you were wondering).  It was drawn in my sketch pad, inked, and then colored with colored pencils, and as you can see, I decided to draw everyone’s favorite fairy (that has blonde hair, a green dress, blue wings, is in a Disney movie that begins with P and features alliteration in the title, has committed at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins, namely, Envy, and who also has a disturbing homicidal streak) in a variety of poses.  Though my drawing and inking and coloring skills are lacking (none can deny how adept I am at proper scanning procedures, however), I hope you find this to be a more or less aesthetically pleasing picture to gaze upon.



4 thoughts on “Tinkerbell and the Ducks That Draw Her

  1. Hello again. Hope you’re well.
    You’ve just reminded me that I recently stumbled into the middle of some kind of Comic-Con convention in Vancouver – the streets and walkways were full of manga warriors, day-glo bewigged “schoolgirls”, Batman, Vikings, etc etc.
    All friendly and overwhelmingly Japanese-looking.


    1. Hello. I am fine. Hope you are doing good, too.

      I always have a lot of fun walking up to where a comicon is taking place and getting to see all the costumes, especially when I can recognize them. If only it was socially acceptable to wear such costumes everywhere….


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