Top Songs from Kirby’s Epic Yarn

“Kirby” games always have a lot of fun, cute music (to match their adorable puffball hero, no doubt), and now I have a list of the top songs from “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” (poorly described, as usual), a game that seemed quite fond of the piano (you can detect that instrument in many of the songs, it seems).  I have included links to Youtube, and the songs are in order from least good to most good.

            10. “Meta Melon Isle” plays in the level of the same name.  It is a fun, beach-y sounding song.  It can’t help but make you happy.  Smile, darn it!  Upturn those lip corners!

            9. “Stellar Way” is a bit annoying, as it really gets stuck in my head.  But, it is also seriously a super adorable song, and it’s a bit different, as well.

            8. “Halberd”, also known as “Meta Knight’s Revenge”, is a song that’s been in the series before.  And it shows up again in the level with Meta Knight’s ship, because it’s a good song.  Not my favorite version, but still good.

            7. “Tankbot” plays when Kirby is in his tank form.  It actually just repeats this fairly short tune the whole time, but I still like it anyway.  It’s…action-y…or something.

            6. “Vs. King Dedede”, his theme from previous games.  This is always one of my favorites.

            5. “Patch Castle” plays in the first level of the game, and it is a lovely song that is played on the piano (more so than many others).  It strangely makes me sad, though.  Don’t know why.

            4. “Butter Building”, another famous “Kirby” song.  I forget where it plays in this game, but it’s always been a fun one.

            3. “Castle Dedede”, yet another song from previous games.  I enjoy this one quite a bit, especially the piano parts.

            2. “Vs. Squashini” plays during the boss battle against some strange, pumpkin (he looks more like a pumpkin than a squash to me) magician boss (who I find adorable).  I enjoyed both the battle and the music.

            1. “Dark Manor”, which plays in, well, a very dark, spooky manor which is in dire need of some nightlights.  I knew this was my favorite song as soon as I heard it.  I think a piano and a harpsichord are in there at parts.  It’s a lovely song, but it also works quite well in this haunted little manor.  (Spooky songs often are the best, no?  Along with factory songs, but those don’t really appear in this game.  Anyway…)

Duckini, Which is Not At All Like a Bikini or a Zuchini


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