The Duck Accidentally Knits Kirby Into a Sweater

But, don’t worry, he’s okay now.  Ahem, a year ago, I decided to finally buy “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, as the game looks much different from what I’m used to.  Kirby’s made of yarn now?  Are you mad?  But, I was running out of Wii games to buy, and I had heard nothing but good things about this game, so I decided to check it out.  As I am slow, it took me a year to get around to playing this game (even after buying it, mind you), but now that I have, I must say I’m glad I did.

            This game stars our favorite pink puffball as he goes on a quest to save Patch Land, a land made of yarn and fabric and buttons and the like (materials from my sewing box, actually) from the evil Yin-Yarn.  While I have no idea what this villain’s deal is, I don’t expect much really, as it is a “Kirby” game, after all, and they were never deep on story.  (Seriously, though, what was that guy’s motivation?  And was his boss battle really that easy, or am I missing something?  Gah, the vague story bugs me so!)

            And while I enjoy “Kirby” games, one issue I have with them is that they are all the same, really.  At least, that’s what I think.  You played one, you’ve played them all.  What this particular game has going for it, though, is the fact that it stands out from other “Kirby” games.  For one thing, it still has the same simple charm that the series has always had, and yet this time around, like I said, everything is made of yarn and fabric and the like.  Plus, Kirby can even unzip things in the environment, and one level has dinos with googly eyes.  Both of those things are positively adorable.  You also don’t have any health in this game, which I find odd, but Kirby loses beads if he gets hurt, so there is a bit of motivation not to get hit, since by collecting enough beads, you get gold medals (unsure of the purpose of these, but I still wanted them all just because), and if you have enough beads by the end of a boss battle, you get a new level to check out.

            Another difference in this game is that Kirby does not have his famous copy abilities, which may seem strange, as this is one thing the “Kirby” series is known for, but they make up for this in other ways.  Being made of yarn, Kirby is now more flexible than a contortionist, and he can bend his little, pink body into all kinds of shapes.  So at various points throughout the game, he can turn into different things, like a tank, a dolphin (I like the dolphin), a train (I hate the train), and even a little fire truck that shoots water made of blue yarn.  So at least these transformations are kind of similar to Kirby’s old abilities, and it does help to further differentiate this game from past entries of the series.

            And just a quick mention of the fact that Kirby can also decorate a little apartment with items he buys or finds, plus he can talk to his friends and complete challenges, such as hide and seek and races, some of which can be rather difficult.  This helps to get a little more out of an otherwise short game.

            So this is a pretty short post, but that’s all you really need to know about this game.  It’s still cute and fun, but what I noticed most was how it differs from other “Kirby” games, but in a good way.  This is a refreshing change to a series I feel has not changed much over the years.  If you buy one “Kirby” game, buy this one.  (Or “Superstar”.  Either one brings a little something special to the series.)

A Duck Made of Felt and String


2 thoughts on “The Duck Accidentally Knits Kirby Into a Sweater

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! It’s the very first Kirby game I’ve ever played since my first intro as a full on gamer and I consider it one of my favorites. Everything about the game is so cute. The only thing I haven’t finished collecting is all the patch furniture. There are some places where it’s really hard to reach the furniture or it’s extremely well hidden. I, too, hate the train transformation. It’s impossible to control sometimes. Either way, it’s a good little game.


    1. I was able to collect the furniture pretty good, but I had more trouble with getting gold medals. I tried and tried and tried sometimes, but I either couldn’t get enough beads, or Kirby kept getting hurt.

      Darn train. It is indeed hard to control. I think it’s on the track, and then it falls off, or it flips upside down. Grrr!


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