The Blog Has an Anniversary Thrice!

Awkward title there, but whatever.  I nearly forgot, but after checking my awesome “The Legend of Zelda” calendar yesterday, I realized that my blog’s three-year birthday was coming up.  So I typed up this post to commemorate three years of joy and glee.  Yay!  Some great new things have happened this year.  I have gotten to put up guest posts on Carl D’Agostino’s blog.  Thanks much!  I have also started another blog called United We Game with Cary of Recollections of Play and Hatm0nster of My Two Caps.  Outside the blog, I have been working on the final draft of issue 1 of my artist comic, entitled “Red and Yellow”.  I have also started a account.  A PlayStation 3 has also been added to my game family.

            Now for some silly stats no one likely cares about.  “The Liebster Blog Award” has the highest number of comments, with 18.  My post with the most likes, with 11, ended up being “Making Winter a Little Warmer”.  And my top day was 12/09/12, with 206 views (or was it 208, I’m too lazy to check).  Woo hoo!  I also have done 259 posts, about 92 just this year (up 6 from last year).  I have 1,038 comments (though about half are mine), but I started out this year with 682.  I also started this year with 41 followers, but now have 98.  Woo, it doubled!  And I now have a total of 12,833 viewers (and I started the year with 6,475).  Doubled again!

            So the blog is growing slowly, but it’s growing faster each year.  Thank you all, you lovely commenters and viewers and followers.  My blog would be meaningless without you.  You complete me.  While I have slowed down on drawing, and so pictures may not show up on the blog so much for a while, except for old ones, I will continue my written posts as usual.  I will still continue my What the Duck Awards, the 100 theme challenge, and the 30 day video game challenge, too, along with random posts and game reviews.  I look forward to another year.  Yes, you are not free from me yet.

The Duck Whose Blog Has Reached the Thrifty Three’s


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