Top Songs From FFXIII-2

            “Final Fantasy XIII-2” has a lot of good music (including the largest collection of songs with vocals that I have yet to find in any video game), and below is my top 10 songs with links to Youtube.

            10. “Hope’s Theme-Confessions” is a calm song that I find quite nice to listen to.  (Sorry for the very lacking description.)

            9. “Eclipse” is a pretty song that sounds like it’s played with a piano and a violin.  (Once again, I couldn’t write a good description if my life depended on it.)

            8. “Condition Omega” plays in an earlier part of Academia in 400 AF and has kind of a military sound to it with the drums.  (For whatever reason, it really reminds me of Haven City in “Jak 3”.)

            7. “Invisible Depths” plays during the final boss battle and is a really great song for this battle.  I love the beginning, and I really like the voices that start in around 0:50.

            6. “Heart of Chaos” is a very dramatic song that I believe plays during the final battle with Caius.  I like the vocals that start in around 0:47.

            5. “A Song For Time” is a song that I find quite soothing to listen to.  It sounds like it’s sung by a young girl, and it is quite peaceful.

            4. “Missing Link” is a slow, pretty song that plays in such places as Bresha in year 5 AF after the paradox is resolved.  I think the woman’s voice starting at 0:56 in is quite beautiful, but also a bit spectral in a way.

            3. “Paradigm Shift” is my favorite of all the battle themes (note it’s high placement in the list).  It is fast to fit with a battle, but it is also quite beautiful, as well.

            2. “Ruined Hometown” is sung by a woman and plays in the abandoned town of Oerba in year 200 AF (until just now, I thought it was spelled Derba).  This song is very lovely and parts of it make the area seem quite lonely.

            1. “Noel’s Theme-The Last Travel” is definitely my top song from the game.  It plays in A Dying World, and it is a slow song played on the piano and sung by a woman, with some violin later.  It is a really beautiful song that tells the story of Noel, the last person left in the world, and it gives the place a very sad, lonely feel.  I’m serious, it is so beautiful!  (Don’t want to spoil anything, but when you first end up in this place, and this music plays…  Just awesome.)

Duck of Chaos

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