100 Theme Challenge No. 7: Heaven

Today’s 100 theme challenge is number 7, Heaven.  Hey, I just noticed that rhymes.  Someone was feeling clever.  Well, this is a pretty straightforward one.  Or is it?  Heaven, the place where we go when we die.  We often think of it as an endless expanse of clouds, but why would it be so simplistic?  If God made the Earth so beautiful, why would He settle for Heaven being so, well, uninteresting?  Who wants to spend eternity in virtually nothingness?  No one, I think.  So obviously, that’s not what Heaven is going to be like.  But, what will be there, I wonder?  Will there be animals?  I hear they don’t have souls, but again, if Earth has such delightful creatures, why wouldn’t Heaven?  At the very least, there’s got to be kittens.  Everyone loves kittens.  Kittens are grand.  And plants don’t have souls, but you’d assume they’d be there, too.  (Can I have Dutchman’s breeches in my yard, please?  It’s not weird.  It’s a kind of flower.  I don’t want anyone’s actual breeches in my yard, Dutch or otherwise.)  And will there be bugs?  Bugs are gross.  But, does that mean they won’t be there?  Or will they, but they’ll just be nice to us?

            I’ve also wondered, is Heaven in an alternate dimension?  I might be starting to sound like a weirdo, but seriously.  You can’t reach it unless you die.  You can’t drive there or fly there or swim there.  You can’t even reach some outer gate with some hardcore security, like some kind of gated community for dead people.  “Spend Your Retirement Years in Lovely Heaven, Now More Affordable Than Ever”.  It must be in another dimension.  Yes.  I’m right.  Knew it.  But, that’s not the end of my questions.  What will we look like?  Will we all become a certain age?  Will we all be in our, let’s say, mid-20’s?  Will we be in good physical condition?  What language will we speak?  (And will they have Pepsi or Coca-Cola?)

            And what will we do?  Eternity is going to be a rather long time, so what do we do to occupy our time?  Can I still draw and write?  Will I suddenly be good at it?  Can I gain an aptitude for actually being competent with a piano?  Will we work?  Usually, people dislike work, but it is indeed a way to occupy time, and it would be work we enjoy.  Will there be technology?  It feels like Heaven won’t have computers and TV’s, you know.  I mean, I don’t see us watching “Judge Judy” (not sure why you’d watch that while alive anyway) or surfing the Internet in Heaven.  Will there be cars?  Or will we walk?  Can we have wings, oh please, oh please, oh pretty please?

            And will we eat or drink?  We’re dead.  There’s really no need to anymore.  Cookies are yummy, though.  I am certainly happy, though, to think of the possibilities of a world with no bathrooms.  Alive, that would be a nightmare, oh my gosh, where would I go, what do I use as toilet paper!  But, in Heaven, yeah.  No more scooping of the cat litter, either.  Ick.  If there are cats, I mean.  There should be.  And no more showers, I bet.  We won’t stink.  It’s Heaven.  No more brushing our teeth?  I hate that.  Hate it.  And do we sleep or not?  I bet if we do, we will “sleep in heavenly peace”, bwahaha, fear my jokes!

            So this post has been more of a list of questions, but that is what I have for Heaven.  Questions.  And I’m ashamed to admit, a bit of fear.  Like I said, eternity is a long time.  You know, it just keeps on going, I hear.  Kind of like some really long snakes.  Or earth worms.  (Oh, did you ever see an earth worm?  I saw one as a duckling, and it was so darn long, I mean like, doesn’t one end ever get caught on something miles back, and what would it do then…)  Ahem, obviously, when you get there, you’ll be happy, but thinking about it while still alive, being somewhere forever and ever is a scary thought.  Better than going somewhere bad or simply going nowhere and having nothingness to look forward to.  But still.  I’m a worrier.  I’m quite adept at turning everything into a reason to worry.  What questions do you have about Heaven?

Not Yet a Heavenly Duck

4 thoughts on “100 Theme Challenge No. 7: Heaven

  1. Duck, I feel I must be honest and admit that although others around me are not fans of Judge Judy, I happen to watch from time to time. She doesn’t bother me so much and I grew up on People’s Court so I have to fill the void somehow :). I also HATE brushing my teeth. Not sure what that is but I am who I am. I think worrying about heaven and having tons of questions is normal. It shows you care. Maybe caring will get you a corner cloud in heaven with an assistant and your own Keurig. You never know? 🙂


    1. I grew up with my mom watching “Judy Judy”, “People’s Court”, “Judge Joe Brown”, and pretty much every other judge show possible. I think I got judged out. Brushing teeth is truly dreadful. I don’t know why, either, but it’s such a hassle. A corner cloud would be nice. I gotta be extra good to increase my chances of that. And my Dutchman’s breeches.


  2. A close relative once told me she believed that “heaven” was what we were experiencing on earth now, and that we should strive make the very best of the time we have. I’m not sure what I think heaven will be like, and honestly, there are days when I wonder if it really exists at all. But whatever is waiting for us on the other side, I bet it will involve kittens.

    And those Dutchman’s Breeches are lovely flowers, aren’t they? I’ve only ever seen them in fancy, botanical gardens.


    1. While I know there is a heaven, I know little else. It is quite mysterious. But you are right, whatever heaven consists of, there will be kittens. Of that, we can be certain.

      I used to have Dutchman’s breeches in my backyard. They were just beautiful. I think they would make rather strange breeches, though.


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