Are Games Getting Too Easy?

I’ve been having the most troubling trouble lately.  I just can’t get posts done in the usual timeframe these last few weeks, due to a long list of distractions and other various busywork.  I hope very much to start posting twice a week again like I used to, but for now, the once-a-week posts must continue.  Don’t be too sad.  To add to my perilous predicament, I don’t even have a post ready quite yet for this week, either.  I’m close, but not quite.  So today, settle for a post I wrote for UWG, where I discuss yet another dire distress, the fact that video games don’t seem as challenging as they used to be.

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 The Duck Who Hopes I’m Not Letting You Down Too Much


6 thoughts on “Are Games Getting Too Easy?

    1. I hope so. You would think I would have gotten some level of skill after all these years. The only weird thing is, people still kick my butt in multiplayer. It seems their skill increases faster than mine does. Or my immense talent rubs off on them.


  1. Don’t be discouraged Duck! It’s tough to carve out the time to blog especially if you really care about what you’re writing. Some folks can do it 1,2,3. I don’t have that talent or maybe I just have a tendency to finagle and worry so much I get in my own way. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try a week of constant posting and see how that goes without worrying so much about everything being just so. We’ll see. My ulcer is already kicking up at that one :).


    1. I just take forever to write. I have to get it just right, and I just sit there staring at the screen. Then, I type and fix and fix and fix. I just can’t stand if something sounds just a little off, even if I know no one will notice. I’ll know! Then, I read through word for word and backtrack and read again, and rewrite. It’s a big process. Hopefully soon I’ll have the time to slowly dilly dally again with my posts.


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