Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

I’ve been busy, so I’ve been a little slow on posting lately.  But, I’ve finally gotten around to providing you all with another taste of written joy.  Day 4 of the 30 day video game posts (wow, I’ve only done 4…) is your “guilty pleasure” game, whatever that is.  I suppose this is referring to a game that I enjoy, but feel a bit silly admitting that I enjoy it.  Well, I have several games that I have fun with that I am also a little embarrassed by, due to their childish nature.  One of those games, and the subject of this post, would be “Bomberman Generation”.

            Now, I am not embarrassed in the slightest by my one other console (I have a few handheld ones, too, though that number has dwindled in recent years, as one unlucky game got sold) “Bomberman” game, “Super Bomberman 2” for the Super Nintendo.  (In case you’re wondering, it really was super.)  I would only be reluctant to admit I own it because mentioning the word “bomb” aloud is not a good idea.  But, other than that, it is a delightful game where you get to control cute, little Bomberman through several worlds, blowing up obstacles and enemies (though, I do admit the concept sounds terribly violent).  A good time if there ever was one.  Due to the great joy experienced while playing this game, I decided to buy “Bomberman Generation” for the GameCube.

            Here’s where the guilt comes in.  This game is a lot different from the game I enjoyed on the SNES, aside from the fact that someone named Bomberman is in it, and he uses, well, bombs (I doubt the accuracy of the “man” part of his name, though).  This, ahem, Bomber-boy is taller now than the stubby version I was used to and creeped me out to no small degree.  And the game, while being many years newer than the other one, still uses lots of bright, cartoonish colors (which isn’t really a bad thing, but I’m getting to my point!).  Along with cutesy sound effects.  And obnoxious voice acting, including some occasionally indistinguishable dialogue from Bomberman himself (did you just belt out “vessel” or “special”?).

            All of that combined to produce a game that felt rather childish (except for the villain wearing no pants, which should not be seen by anyone, young or not-as-young, alike), and it seemed like someone my age had no business playing it.  To top it off, they added Charaboms, which are basically Pokemon.  I don’t know how they fit into the game, and I don’t understand why I must make these things engage in battle, or why they insist on making ridiculous sounds all the time.  Leave the Pokemon to the actual “Pokemon” games, where they, frankly, do a much better job of it.  They have no place in “Bomberman”, and it further made me hope very hard no one would walk in while I was making the goofy things fight each other.

            Despite some discomfort playing such a silly game, it still was fun, hence it is my guilty pleasure game, and not just my guilty game (like some of the “Spyro” games not made by Insomniac, which had plenty of guilt, but very little pleasure).  I did have a great time playing the game.  It was much fun, with the right amount of challenge, and I enjoyed trying to find all the secret card items, even if they don’t really get you anything that great.  It still retained some similarities to the SNES “Bomberman” game I loved, whilst including some very familiar multiplayer (who doesn’t enjoy blowing up their friends?).  It was a silly, but cheerful, game that provided me with hours of, sometimes embarrassing, fun.  There you go, another topic discussed.

A Guilty Duck, Even Though I Did Nothing Wrong!

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