For the last several months, I have been spending all my Photoshop time working on the final draft of my comic, only taking breaks for special little projects.  This, however, has made me sad.  I miss doing fan art, but I also don’t want to slow down on the work on my comic.  It’s taking enough time as it is.  Ten pages in six months?  Is that slow?  I don’t know, but it feels slow.  To compromise, I decided to continue working on my comic and just draw fan art on paper and ink it and scan it in rather than do them on Photoshop like I usually did.  It doesn’t look as nice, but at least I still get my fan art fix.  I also decided it would be fun to draw many pictures of a character or characters with various poses and expressions, with at least one colored in colored pencil.

Are you out to get him?  Because he thinks you are.  So are you?
Are you out to get him? Because he thinks you are. So are you?

            So here you have the first of these pictures (click to enlarge).  This picture includes many sketches of my favorite “Jak and Daxter” character (actually, possibly my favorite character ever), Vin, who was mainly seen in “Jak II”.  (I actually wrote a post about him not long ago, in a galaxy not that far away.)  Vin is very cowardly (note his expression of absolute terror in the upper right), very paranoid (he’s got a gun in one picture, no doubt to protect himself from all the people he thinks are out to “get” him), and very smart (as he happily ponders math problems that would give most people a bad case of the frowns).  He also spends a lot of time working on the many computers in Haven City’s Power Station (and so he is doing just that near the top, a picture I am less than proud of, but at least it allowed me to practice more complex finger poses.  You know what, just avoid looking at the top middle of the page.  Thank you.)

            So behold, my many pictures to depict the (not crazy?) scrawny genius.  Some are better than others, but I hope you like.  My inking and colored pencil skills are lacking, as is my ability for coloring within the lines, a basic skill I should have picked up as a duckling.  Actually, my drawing skills in general are lacking.  But, I am not talented like Vin is.  I’m just a simple duck.  Oh, and Vin is property of Naughty Dog.

The Duck Has Become Vin’s Stalker a Little Bit


2 thoughts on “Vinvasion

    1. Thanks very much. It’s taken years of practice, and I hope I can keep getting better. I actually drew Vin a couple years ago, and he looked terrible. I’m glad he looks a little less terrible now.


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