The Chief Returns and Cortana Goes Coo Coo (As in Crazy, Not Like a Pigeon)

I finally got around to playing “Halo 4”, which I’ve had sitting around since not long after it came out.  This game sees the return of Master Chief, which is good, because I rather missed him in “Halo: Reach”.  Never leave me again, Chief.  The game starts with Cortana waking the Chief up from cryosleep on the Forward Unto Dawn, which seems to be abandoned.  Except for some Covenant, of course.  Forgot why they’re there, but whatever.  I needed something to shoot.  Ahem, after some action, the ship crashes onto a strange planet, and the Chief’s and Cortana’s adventure begin.  The Chief will have to fight more Covenant and a new enemy, the Prometheans, while Cortana is suffering from rampancy, as AI’s can only survive seven years before degrading (and she’s eight, oh, sorry, shouldn’t reveal a girl’s age, should I?).

            This turned out to be yet another epic “Halo” game.  Due to the lack of subtitles and the fact that I am easily distracted, I often am not able to keep up with the stories of “Halo” games.  (I just get through by following the little arrows everywhere.  Or I’m reminded of my current task when Cortana nags at me.  Leave me alone, the Chief is busy looking at the pretty scenery!)  This time, I paid attention, and while I still got confused, what I remember and understand of the story was interesting.  And I’ve always liked the relationship between Cortana and the Chief, and it was fun to see more of it in this game.  And there also seemed to be more of them going about on their own, too, which I liked.  And I liked seeing the Chief’s concern about Cortana’s rampancy.  It gave the game a bit more of an emotional aspect to it, which I liked.  And it made me like the Chief more, too.  Now I feel a bit more sad watching him die time and time again.  Oh, he just re-spawned, I’m cool with it now.

            Anyway, this was an amazing game.  Not only does it have the same usual awesomeness that the series has always had, but it has new stuff.  Like I said, there is a new set of enemies, which means a new set of weapons.  Hooray!  (These new weapons even include a gun that incinerated the Chief, to my absolute horror, then, when I finally managed to grab one, it indeed was called the Incineration Cannon.  I feel…so powerful.  I will reduce you to ash!  Bahahahaha *hack hack* hahaha!!!)

            There are also a couple new vehicles, the Mantis and the Mammoth.  They liked M words the days they thought these up, I suppose.  The Mantis is pretty awesome and isn’t so much a vehicle as a robotic suit (kind of like the thing Ripley uses to kill the alien queen at the end of “Aliens”, but with more armor and guns).  And the Mammoth looks to me like the most ridiculous monster truck you’ve ever seen.  It’s seriously and absolutely absurd.  (And I agree with Cortana.  Someone was indeed overcompensating for something….)  I did have fun riding on it, though.  Weeee!!

            Anyway, shortly into the game, after pressing every button on the controller until I was once again familiar with what they did, I was reminded why I buy XBox consoles.  I love “Halo”, and it’s the main reason I get Xboxes.  And that’s saying something, too, because I don’t usually play M-rated games.  But, buying a console just for one series seems a bit silly (even though I did buy a PS3 mainly just for “Ratchet and Clank”, shut up, leave me alone, don’t judge me!), and I was thinking recently that I wouldn’t buy the next XBox console.  I still am unsure what I’m going to do, but after playing this game, I realize it would be hard not to be able to continue with the “Halo” series.  But, I don’t know if I can justify paying that amount of money just for a couple “Halo” games, and then I have yet another console to find a place for, and so on and so forth.  I suppose we’ll see.

            But, I do like the “Halo” games quite a bit.  I’m just impressed by them.  And not quite in the way you’d expect.  Yes, they are great games, with great stories and graphics and gameplay.  But, I’m also impressed to find an M-rated game without much of anything other than violence.  The women actually get to be fully clothed (Cortana doesn’t count, she’s an AI).  There is minimal swearing.  There is no…naughtyness.  Just violence.  And even so, that doesn’t seem terrible to me, either.  Yeah, I shot an alien, and there was some blue blood.  My goodness.  I’ve seen more gore from falling off my scooter.  Now that was rated M.  I’m just impressed with a series that has such a rating, but doesn’t then feel the need to cram in every bad thing they can just because of the rating.  I enjoy getting to play a series that is more realistic (well, if enhanced soldiers fighting aliens is realistic, but you get what I mean, right?), without all the nasty stuff.  It’s nice.  I like playing as Mario and jumping on flying turtles and eating red and white ‘shrooms, but sometimes I just want to get a gun and shoot some aliens.  (Bad aliens.  I have no quarrel with good aliens.)  But, such high-rated games can often be too raunchy for the duck.  Well, “Halo” lets me get my alien-shooting fix.  Because they clearly care.

            So anyway, anyone who reads this post, just get the game.  It’s awesome.  I don’t even care if you don’t have an XBox 360.  Just buy it to simply have its glorious presence in your home.  Then, buy a 360 because, seriously, having a game for a console you don’t even have is just plain silly.  What’s wrong with you?  I just wish the update that came with the game didn’t completely change my 360’s start-up screen.  The old one was better, and it took me a long time to find where they hid my achievements.  I shall mourn its loss.

The Duck, Most Feared of all the Covenant Troops, Also Doubles as a UNSC Vehicle

4 thoughts on “The Chief Returns and Cortana Goes Coo Coo (As in Crazy, Not Like a Pigeon)

  1. I’ve had Halo 4 since launch but have only played through the first four missions. It’s been fun, but it just didn’t catch me. I didn’t get much into the multiplayer either as most of my friends were playing Black Ops. It’s sad, if Halo had come out further apart from Call of Duty I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it more because my friends would’ve played it more. But with both out so close to each other, people got invested in Black Ops and have never gone back.


    1. I only did the Campaign. I’m not big into multiplayer, even though I’m sure it would be much fun. But, I think having my friends shoot at me would be scary. I can defeat computer-controlled Covenant, but I am unsure how my skills compare to real live human beings. And you’d think the company would have planned ahead not to release the game around the same time as another game that was similar.


  2. Entertaining post! I really enjoyed Halo 4. I must have REALLY enjoyed it because I’ve gone back and played it a further four times. Just out of curiosity, what skill level did you play it on? Apparently I’m not a ‘Halo Ninja’ as I have been unable to successfully clock the game on the Legendary difficulty as of yet, which Kinda sucks because I survived all the other games on such a setting.
    I agree with you, the story was incredible, with the in-depth emotional plot leading to some impeccable twists across the story, the ending being absolutely fantastic and although I don’t usually like to admit such things, I am man enough to say that by the game’s end I found myself crying my eyes out. The benefits I guess of such a touching experience.
    I also agree that sometimes I could not help but admire the gorgeous scenery, with Requiem looking incredibly majestic.
    I was a little disappointed with the War Games though, as I found the idea of having ‘weapon drops’ a little annoying as at times me and those I had to slay found ourselves running about the map without any additional firearms being deployed for some time. Adjunctively, the ability to empower your Spartan with additional upgrades such as different spawning weapons and abilities I thought was a bit of a cheat. I mean, after upgrading my starting weapons to the Battle Rifle, the Plasma Pistol and the Plasma Grenade, and additionally spawning with cloak and a stronger shield and more ammunition, I was almost utterly unstoppable and could burn through my enemies in multiplayer almost as fast as I could burn through ammo. The additional DLCs though added some more entertainment with amazing detail placed into these maps.


    1. I played the game on the normal difficulty level. I really need to try the games on a harder level someday. I never have, but I should. I’ll probably get destroyed, though. And yes, the ending was very sad. A good ending, but sad. I definitely liked the more emotional story in this game. And the graphics were great. Early on I just stood there looking around at the scenery. I remember looking at these mountains in the distance, and it looked so real. It was amazing. I was curious how the game would turn out with a new company making it, but they did a really great job.


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