Top Songs from FFX-2

“Final Fantasy X-2” did not have music that was as wonderful as “Final Fantasy X”, but there were still some good tunes anyway (especially when it came to battle music).  So I list my favorite songs from the game below.

            5. “Summoned Beast” plays when you fight some extra tough battles.  This music frightens me now, as it brings back memories of me being annihilated.  It’s surprisingly slow for boss battle music, though.

            4. “Zanarkand Ruins” plays in a few places, like the ruins of Zanarkand, of course.  This music has a strange sound to parts of it, but I like it, especially the piano part that starts around 0:43.  The song gives a feeling of loneliness, I think.

            3. “Shuyin Battle” is epic music that plays during the final battle against Shuyin.

            2. “Vegnagun Awakens” plays, well, pretty much when Vegnagun awakens.  It is a pretty epic, kind of sinister sounding song, and I like the piano or organ or whatever that plays.  The beginning is my favorite part.

            1. “Let Me Blow You a Kiss” is the music that plays when you fight Leblanc and/or her cronies, Ormi and Logos.  This song is fast, thus, it is great for battle music.  And I think it is definitely the best song of the game.  I also found out that it is played on a shamisen, a Japanese three-stringed instrument.  We all learned something new today.  Unless you knew what a shamisen was.  Then, I suppose you didn’t.



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