It Has Come

You like the Duck, don’t you?  Thought so.  And you have enjoyed reading the Duck of Indeed’s blog, haven’t you?  Knew it.  And in addition to all that, you find my posts to be the greatest things you’ve ever read, even better than Shakespeare, “Harry Potter”, or even the best fan fictions you’ve ever found?  Well, that might be exaggerating things a little bit.  Shakespeare’s really not that great.  (“Wherefore art though?”  What make-believe language are you speaking, mister?)

            If you answered anything similar to “heck, yes” or “certainly” or my favorite “indeed” (I’ll even take a lukewarm and half-hearted, “I guess”), then you’ll be happy to hear that the Duck has teamed up with the bloggers of My Two Caps and Recollections of Play, and we have started a group blog called United We Game.  (Don’t worry, the Duck will still be working on this blog, as well.)  This new blog is about all things video games and will showcase our differing viewpoints and writing styles.  These bloggers are awesome, too, and so if you enjoy reading the works of great authors such as ourselves and you enjoy video games, then what do you have to lose?  Why not check out United We Game?  We hope to see you there.

United We Duck


6 thoughts on “It Has Come

      1. Today (I think) is apparently “Review a Great Game Day” – made me think of your reviews. Not sure how it works, but it is a thing in the Internet.


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