Liebster’D Again

Hello, everyone.  I was just nominated for another Liebster Blog Award, this time by the very kind blogger of Goodbye Whoopie Pie.  Thanks much!  This is an award for people that have less than 200 followers, but should have more.  Normally, the one who receives the award should nominate five people.  And so I shall.  But, I’m being naughty and not paying attention to how many followers each person has.  I’m just going to nominate who I think deserves it.  So here goes.

            1. Goodbye Whoopie Pie, I am nominating you back.  Her link is above.

            2. Carl of I Know I Made You Smile

            3. Cary of Recollections of Play

            4. Djkeyserv140

            5. My Two Caps

            Hooray!  Nominees nominated!  A few more notes before I wrap this post up.

            Joyful Easter!  And…

            I’d like you to turn your attention to the new page I added above for a very special announcement…

The Duck That Was Liebster’d Twice


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