Top Songs from FFX

“Final Fantasy X”, like other “Final Fantasy” games, has some really great music, some sad, some beautiful, some epic, and so I present you with my list of top 10 songs from the game.

            10. “Hopeless Desire” is a simpler song, but I’ve always enjoyed it.  It is fairly slow and calm.  The main place I remember it playing is somewhere very early in the game and in Macalania Temple.

            9. “Wandering Flame” is a beautiful song that plays in places like the Farplane.  It is a sad song, and there isn’t tons to it, but I like the saxophone that pops up here and there.  My favorite part is about 1:50 in.

            8. “Path of Repentance” plays in the Via Purifico.  It is a pretty song that is played on the piano.  (I wish I could play it.)

            7. “Hymn of the Fayth” (or “Song of Prayer”) is a short, simple song with words sung by the Fayth.  This video has various versions of the song.  My favorite is probably the one around 3:15, the first version with many voices singing together.

            6. “Brave Advancement” is a somewhat epic song played at the battle arena.  I very much enjoy this one.

            5. “Decisive Battle” is a very epic, very dramatic song that plays during the final battle with Yu Yevon.  I really like this song, and I really like that fast piano.

            4. “Between Ordeals” is a very strange sounding song that plays in the various Cloisters of Trials, but I’ve always liked it.

            3. “To Zanarkand” is a beautiful song played on the piano.  It is slow and a bit sad.  You first hear it during the cut scene that plays before the game starts.  (I really wish I could play this on the piano, too.  Actually, I probably could, but I keep forgetting how it goes.)

            2. “Silence Before the Storm” plays in forests, like Macalania Forest (not to be confused with Macarena…silly Tidus…).  It is a very lovely song and kind of gives the areas a magical feel to it.

            1. “Suteki Da Ne” has several versions, but I chose the one with words, as it is by far the best version.  This is seriously one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and the woman who sings it has a very beautiful voice.  Definitely the best song of the game.

Suteki Duck Ne

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