100 Theme Challenge No. 5: Seeking Solace

Today’s 100 Theme Challenge topic is Seeking Solace.  This is going to be a hard one.  It feels like it’s expecting me to get all mopey.  But, I don’t want to mope.  This blog is the happiest place in the world.  (I know that’s supposed to be Disney Land, but my blog is much less expensive.  Doesn’t getting great times for free, as opposed to having to pay a wing and a webbed foot for great times, make you happy?  Yes, yes it does make you happy.)  Okay, now I’m doing the opposite of what this topic wants.  I still must think of a proper thing to write about.

            When I think about solace, I think of comfort.  Or solstice, because it looks similar.  And when do I need comfort?  When I’m sick or sad.  When I just saw a scary movie or TV show right before bedtime (it was very bad to watch “The Blair Witch Project” late in the day, very, very bad, or that “Dr. Who” episode with the weeping angels in the abandoned house….).  When my computer is being a total freakazoid.  When the only copy left at the game store of a game I really want is used, and it doesn’t even come with the manual or the original case!

            And what do I do for comfort?  Well, I can always “remember my favorite things”.  Or sing the song.  While remembering said “favorite things”.  I also remind myself about the good things.  I take comfort that I am not blind, and I have air conditioning.  That I don’t live on Tattooine.  That I currently am in possession of at least the correct number of limbs.  I say at least because I would be fine with extra limbs, just not less than I should have.  How awesome would it be to have four arms like General Grievous in “Star Wars”?  So awesome.  I could play multiplayer games alone.  I could carry twice the groceries.  If faced with a battle against a group of thugs, I could employ hand-to-hand combat, gun combat, and sword combat all at once.  Yeah.  Awesome.  Ahem, back on topic, other things I might do to feel better is to do things I enjoy, such as drinking chocolate milk or playing video games.  But, never at the same time.  That’s not how things are done in this house.

            And sometimes I don’t need to do anything.  Sometimes my cat comes over and makes everything better.  Sometimes you’re laying on the floor in the middle of the night because you just know you have food poisoning from something you ate at Target (that happened, twice, but only once at night), ready to throw up everything, even your most favorite organs, or perhaps temporarily die from nausea, and the cat comes over and sniffs you, and somehow that just makes it better.  Somehow having an animal nearby makes most things better.  A tame one, I mean.  On the other hand, having a wild animal nearby makes most things worse.  And then I need comfort again.

            So that’s my summary of what “seeking solace” means to me.  There wasn’t even any moping.  Or mopping.  I hate mopping.  Another thing I need comfort during.  Stupid mopping.

A Duck That Doesn’t Like To Mope or Mop


2 thoughts on “100 Theme Challenge No. 5: Seeking Solace

  1. I think this is my most favorite theme challenge yet! Not only do you come full circle with moping, but this also covers Disneyland, Tatooine, internal organs, and mopping (which I hate as well). I agree that “solace” equals “comfort,” and I also think of “undisturbed.” My cat too can be comforting, when he feels like it. Sometimes he’ll let us pet and hang out with him, and he’ll just purr away — it’s very comforting. Mostly though, he prefers solace — the comfort of one of the warm floor vents or a dark spot underneath something. And I get that. A place that’s comfortable and undisturbed is the best kind of solace.


    1. Thanks much. I thought this topic would be hard, but I eventually was able to write something for it. I managed to cover a lot of topics, didn’t I? My cat stays out with me more than he used to, but sometimes he likes to nap under the bed. He looks so safe and comfy under there. And it benefits me because he probably scares away any spiders wanting to nap under there. Even though, spiders need comfort, too.


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