Top Songs from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

“PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” has some good songs from various games, so I thought I’d list my top 10, with links to Youtube.  By the way, each stage actually has two songs, as each stage has aspects from a second game introduced halfway in, so I will be mentioning the first and second halves of stages quite often.

            Edit: This list has been changed somewhat.  After listening to one song again, “San Francisco-Ratchet and Clank”, I decided it was better than I realized, and so I had to add it.  As a result, the “Dreamscape-Little Big Planet” song got kicked off the list.

            10. “Metropolis-Ratchet and Clank” plays in the first half of the stage with the same name.  This song played in Metropolis in the very first “Ratchet and Clank”.  The best stuff starts about a minute in.

            9. “Columbia-Twisted Metal” plays when the creepy robot Doll Face shows up in the second half of Columbia.  This is usually not my type of music, but I thought it was cool anyway, especially the part with the electric guitar.

            8. “Time Station-Ape Escape” is played in the first half of the Time Station stage and is a rather soothing, peaceful song.

            7. “Rival Boss (Heavy)” plays when you fight against one other character towards the end of story mode.  Every character in story mode is paired up with one another, and right before the fight against Polygon Man, they fight each other.  This song is pretty good, especially the part about 30 seconds in.

            6. “San Francisco-Ratchet and Clank” plays on the second half of the San Francisco stage and is a remade version of the final boss music that plays when you fight Dr. Nefarious at the end of “Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal”.  This song was not included in my original list, but after listening to it again, I realized it was quite good.

            5. “Stowaways-Bioshock” plays in the second half of the Stowaways stage.  It can be rather beautiful.

            4. “Hades-Patapon” plays in the second half of the Hades stage when these cute little dudes show up in the background.  The music is quite upbeat and adorable.  I mean seriously.  It is so friggin’ cute!

            3. “Stowaways-Uncharted 3” plays in the first half of the Stowaways stage and is from “Uncharted 3”.  It is quite lovely.

            2. “Main Theme” is the main theme of the game, and it is just very awesome and epic.

            1. “Dojo-Killzone” plays in the second half of the Dojo stage when the giant robot shows up in the background to destroy the town.  This song is epic, and I really love the beginning.



5 thoughts on “Top Songs from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    1. Finding songs can be rather difficult, isn’t it? The titles aren’t always what you’d expect. Those songs were quite good indeed. I have never played “Bioshock” or “Killzone”, but these songs manage to give me a little bit of a feel of those games, the “Bioshock” one especially.


      1. Oh you should definitely pick those two up. BioShock’s such a great FPS with a wonderful story, setting, and atmosphere. Killzone (well 2 and 3 anyway) are high-octane futuristic shooters that bring “grit” to the FPS landscape.


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