Day 1: My Very First Video Game

I recently heard of this thing on Jayrain’s blog and decided to do it myself.  There are 30 days and 30 topics, all video game-related, to write about.  I’m not going to completely do it the way it was meant to be done, though.  I’m not going to post everyday.  And I’m still going to put up other posts in between.  I’ll just do these here and there, but it’ll still be fun to have 30 more post ideas to write about.  Despite my rampant rule-breaking.

            Anyway, today’s topic is my first video game, and it’s a bit hard to say what game is my first.  I watched my parents play some while I was a duckling, but I don’t know if that’s the same.  And I have no idea which game I saw first.  The very first game I actually played myself, though, was “Pokemon Stadium”.  I was quite into “Pokemon” at the time, and some friends had the game, and it was fun, so I got a Nintendo 64 so I could get the game.

            And then, I found the game was actually quite a pain in the butt.  The mini games were fun.  I liked taking photos of the Pokemon.  But, the actual battles were not what I remembered when I played at my friends’ houses.  I could do some of them, but many were just way too hard.  So hard as to not be any fun.  I vaguely remember being a bit limited on what Pokemon I could use.  I haven’t played in a long time, so I’m unsure if that really was true.  If it was, it was frustrating.  And not only that, but the battles were unfair.  My opponent would always make my Pokemon fall asleep, and then beat the crap out of it.  Once it woke up, it would be put right back to sleep.  I never could win because they did this every time I played.  I’m serious.  I never got very far because this wouldn’t stop happening.  The game ended up not being that fun, after all.

            Occasionally, I would give the game another chance, but without fail, all my Pokemon would be basically ground to dust before my horribly strong opponent.  Whenever I returned to the game, I would usually not play more than an hour or so before giving up.  Finally, I decided to sell it.  While I was reluctant at first, as it was still my very first game, I decided there was no reason to keep a game I didn’t enjoy playing.  The game store wouldn’t take the instruction manual for some reason, so I kept that.  Just as a memory.  Even if it’s not a fun game, one’s very first game is still somewhat special.

Duck Stadium


9 thoughts on “Day 1: My Very First Video Game

  1. Your first game was released in 1999? Thanks for making me feel old =P

    My first game (well, what Dad bought for me and the siblings) was “Mario Brothers”, way back in 1989.

    As an aside, the N64 was the first console I bought by myself. Saved for almost a year to get it.


    1. I could’ve played games years before, but…I was afraid. It was silly, but for years, I’d watch my parents play, but I was too afraid to play myself until “Pokemon Stadium”.

      I’ve played some of the old “Mario Brothers” games. They’re crazy hard. And I thought “Pokemon Stadium’ was hard.


  2. I should really try a Pokemon game sometime. Whenever people talk about it, especially those that are really into it, they sound like they are speaking a foreign language. I don’t get Pokemon “battles,” but I certainly understand when someone just doesn’t give you a chance to progress. That’s mean, and it stinks in any game.

    I wish I could remember my *very first* video game. I just remember one Christmas we got Atari and a bunch of games. I have strong memories of playing Robotron 7800 with my Dad — maybe that was it.


    1. You may find other “Pokemon” games to be more enjoyable. I actually had fun with “Pokemon Silver”. It wasn’t evil like “Pokemon Stadium”. I actually got all the way through.

      I’ve never played any Atari games. I feel like a naughty gamer, not playing the really old stuff. I’ve only heard my parents speak of their memories of “Pong”. Oh, Atari, how little I know you.


  3. Aww.. sad story about your Pokemon, Duck. I remember that my first computer/video game I ever played was ‘Chuckie Egg’ … I loved watching the duck waddle all over the place! 🙂


  4. Ah Pokémon Stadium was such a good game and I loved how you could put your R/B/Y handheld games and play it on the TV ^^ I think my very first video game was on Sega Megadrive and it was either Sonic the Hedgehog or Streets of Rage.


    1. I saw that you could play the handheld games on there, but I never had the correct handheld games. May’ve been more fun if I could. The only one I had was “Pokemon Silver”, which I don’t think worked with “Pokemon Stadium”. I have also played both those Sega games you mentioned. They also are games that are too hard for me.


      1. Nah, Sliver could work for Pokemon Stadium 2 unfortunately. I just remembered another – Gunstar Heroes. Yeah, I found those games pretty hard myself as I played them when I was about 4 or 5.


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