The Cover of Mune and Mura

Mune and Mura Cover Small

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working on the book cover for djkeyserv140’s short story, “Mune and Mura”.  It was fun, and I am very glad to have had an opportunity to do such a project for someone.  The cover features Mura on the left and Mune on the right with their swords, Sutaraito and Hizashi, respectively.  In the back is Edo Castle (which is actually a real place).

            If you get the chance, I would suggest checking out djkeyserv140’s blog.  And of course, “Mune and Mura”.  This story is quite interesting and combines fiction and actual events in Japanese history.  Mune and Mura are based off of real Japanese sword smiths, Masamune and Muramasa, two people that were often contrasted, with Masamune being good and Muramasa being more evil and “bloodthirsty”.  Masamune was considered to be Japan’s best sword smith, while Muramasa’s blades were rumored to be cursed.  It was said that swords made by him wouldn’t return to their scabbards without blood, even the blood of the own who wields it.  (My sources came from Wikipedia.  Info on Masamune and Muramasa can be found in these links.)

            While the two did not meet in real life (they weren’t even alive at the same time), this story is interesting because it has them in the same time period, where they actually know each other.  I also like that Mura is not portrayed as evil.  The story gives us actual reasons for his actions.  If you’d like to read the story, the first part starts here.  Pretty much just keep going from there, and you should have little trouble finding the rest of it.

            (Just a note.  I was having all kinds of trouble getting the image to work.  This version is much smaller and with RGB colors rather than CMYK.  But, I believe it looks no different really from the original.  Crisis averted.  Huzzah!)

Mune and Mura and the Duck


6 thoughts on “The Cover of Mune and Mura

  1. Thank you very much for your hard work. Your creation easily beat what I saw in my mind’s eye =)

    Many thanks also for the link back to my WordPress account. My site visits have already jumped markedly =)


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