Top Songs From Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Not long ago, I had an unstoppable urge to play “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy” again, even though it’s a game that I play way too often.  But, this game brings back feelings of nostalgia like very few other games can, and I just never can seem to get enough of it.  It is quite a treat to play this wonderful game, and just one part of this game that makes it great is the music.  The music in this game is pleasant, and I admit, I often forget much of it, but I like that it doesn’t get in your face so much like music in some other games can.  It complements the gameplay without distracting you from it.  So, finally the duck shall announce the top songs from one of my favorite games of all time.  With links to one of my favorite sites, Youtube.

            5. “Volcanic Crater” has a song that is nice and peaceful.  It’s quite soothing.

            4. “Lost Precursor City” is a very annoying place beneath the water, but I like the music.  It is peaceful and fairly slow and gives me the feeling I’m in a place no one’s been in a long time.  But, not in a creepy way.  More like a, I’m seeing stuff no one else alive has seen, kind of way.  Because my thoughts get deep like that sometimes.

            3. “Gol and Maia’s Citadel”, to be honest, has a very simple song.  Usually, I don’t like songs that don’t have much to them.  But, I’ve always liked this one for some reason.

            2. The “Final Battle” music part 1 and part 4.  This music is awesome, and I just found out recently that there are different versions of the song depending on what part of the battle you’re in, each version getting even more epic than the last.  So I have links to the first part and the last, most epic part.  This area is my favorite part of the game, perhaps because Gol and Maia are some of my favorite characters of the series, and I enjoy kicking the butts of my favorite characters, for whatever reason.  It also has good music and one of the few songs in the game that is pretty darn epic.  (There’s also a great view from the top of the Eco Silo.  Not as good as Snowy Mountain, though.  And with so much less time to enjoy it, with two lunatics trying to kill me.)

            1. “Snowy Mountain” is not creatively named.  It is…a mountain with snow on it.  But, it is also beautiful.  The most beautiful place in the game, in fact.  I love to look at the fantastic views of all the places you’ve been previously and the ominous Eco Silos you have yet to reach, as the sky changes from sunset to night to dawn again.  What makes this place even more beautiful is the music, a lovely tune that I feel has a touch of sadness and loneliness, as you trek alone through the snow with just your ottsel companion for company.  Memories of your past trials are fresh in your mind, whilst the knowledge that your long journey is almost over brings sadness to your soul.  Listen, friends, to this song of beauty.  Especially since I wrote such a ridiculously long description for it.

Snowy Duck…Brrrr!

4 thoughts on “Top Songs From Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

  1. Replaying games from your youth that you haven’t played in forever is great fun. I have had that with replaying Metroid Prime 1 and 2 recently. Up to MP3 now, which I never completed despite getting to the final boss.

    You like your favourite characters getting beaten up? That sounds a bit… different. But if it adds suspense and interest, why not? George RR Martin seems to enjoy doing it =P


    1. Well, to be more accurate, I like interacting with my favorite characters. I usually prefer playing as my favorite characters, but since my favorite characters are often villians, the only thing I usually get to do with them is battle them. So it’s not quite as weird as it sounded.


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