Top Songs from Lost Kingdoms II

“Lost Kingdoms II” is much better than the first game, and the music is no exception.  So I listed my top 10 songs from the game with links to Youtube.

            10. “Cathedral” is played in the Grenfoel Church.  The music, as expected, sounds like it’s played on an organ.  It is a bit more dramatic than it needs to be, though.

            9. “Obeonix Gorge” is an icy place with pretty music.  I like the parts with the harp especially.

            8. “Leod VIII’s Theme” is the theme of Leod VIII.  I really don’t like this creepy guy, but he has a good theme song.  It sounds like a harpsichord and has a bit of a sinister sound to it.

            7. “Isamat Urbur” is a really weird place that seems to belong to the Isamat Urbur cultists.  The music is simple, with a single sound repeated throughout the whole thing, with a few other sounds added in parts.  That repeating sound does a good job at making one feel rather uneasy in that place.

            6. “Runestone Caverns” is played in both parts of this level.  I love how this music is calm during parts and then it gets all dramatic.  It goes well with trudging along through the caves while nothing much is happening, then all of a sudden oh my gosh what is that weird ball of light waaah!!!  That’s what it makes me think of.

            5. “Krasheen Mountains” is played in the mountains.  It is a rather epic song that definitely makes you feel like you’re high in the mountains.  I especially like the part that starts around 0:50.

            4. “Battle Theme” is the song that plays during boss battles.  It is fast and epic.

            3. “Bhashea Castle” is a creepy place that was swallowed up by the Black Fog 200 years ago.  The music for this level is also very creepy and sounds almost like ghostly voices.  I love this song, and it does a good job making me feel lonely and like somebody might be watching me.

            2. “Ruldo Forest” is a beautiful, slow song.  It fits the area really well and gives the place a mysterious feel.  I didn’t really notice certain parts until I really listened, and there are almost mournful sounds at times that gives the place a bit of a lonely feel.

            1. “Coliseum” is played in the Sacred Battle Arena.  This music is fast and awesome and is the best song of the game.

 Sacred Battle Duck

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