What the Duck Awards: Funniest Dance Performed by a Video Game Character

Ahem.  Welcome back, ladies, gentlemen, and robots, to the What the Duck Awards.  If you still don’t know who the host is, just look at the top of the screen.  No, not that high.  Down a little.  Farther.  Good.  Well, today we have a rather random award, but it is just as prestigious.  Forget TV shows like “Prancing With the Stars” or “So You’re Fairly Confident That You May Be Capable of Busting a Move?”, video game characters are equally capable of dancing.  Not necessarily well, but they can dance.  And so today’s award will celebrate the character who performed the funniest dance.  Let’s hear our nominees.  Included are videos of their famous performances.

            Daxter from the “Jak and Daxter” series was often seen dancing in the first game of the series, “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy”, every time he and Jak got a Power Cell.  He had quite a variety of them, as well, including one where he spins across the screen like a ballerina.  (I must mention that Clank from the “Ratchet and Clank” series performed one of Daxter’s dances at one time, as well, though since he was not the original choreographer of this dance, he will not be a nominee.)  The video includes Daxter’s many dances, along with Clank’s.

            Towards the end of “Rayman Origins”, Rayman and the Magician interrupted the action to perform a very random dance that made absolutely no sense and went on much longer than it should have.  Showing off the diversity of their move set, they danced back and forth across the screen for quite some time before the game continued on its regular course.  Video may contain spoilers.

            Demon Lord Ghirahim from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” performed a very embarrassing victory dance towards the end of the game, all while humming his own theme song.  He really seemed to be getting into it towards the end.  Beware of the video, as it contains spoilers, as well.  I’m sorry, but I tried to make the video skip to a certain time, and in the blog, it doesn’t seem to be working.  Please skip to 18 seconds in.

            Zack Fair from “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core” performed a dance alongside a Cactuar during a summons cut scene.  I do worry for his sanity, but he is a very deserving nominee nonetheless.  Please skip to 19 seconds in.

            I had trouble thinking up a fifth nominee, and then Dr. Nefarious, villain of “Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal”, was kind enough to humiliate himself with a dance even more painful to watch than Ghirahim’s.  Also with singing.  Thank you, doctor.  Hmm, the doctor’s butler tells me the video was intended for “Galactic Idol”.  Well, finder’s keeper’s.  Video contains spoilers and awkwardness, though.  And the dance starts at about 3:44, so please skip ahead.

            All right.  Time to announce the winner!  The person most deserving of the award for Funniest Dance Performed by a Video Game Character is…wait for it…keep waiting…Dr. Nefarious!  His dance was extremely embarrassing and quite disturbing, and I shall have bizarre night terrors for months to come.  As I’ve heard the doctor hates all life forms, I ask that he stay where he is, and I’ll mail the award to him.  Please tell me the address to your secret base.  And I assure you the award won’t get lost in the mail like your dance video did.  Well, that’s all, everyone.  See you next time!  And be sure to avoid Dr. Nefarious’s army of Tyhrranoids on your way to the parking lot.  And don’t bother suing if they damaged your vehicle.

The Duck, Who Has Invented a New Dance That Incorporates Waddling and Sticking One’s Butt Into the Air While Swimming


3 thoughts on “What the Duck Awards: Funniest Dance Performed by a Video Game Character

  1. What a well-deserved award Dr. Nefarious!

    All of these are pretty hilarious, and Lord Ghirahim’s dance is particularly bizarre, so the voting must have been close. The Rayman Origins dance is quite strange but kinda cute…makes me want to play the game. Someday! Oh someday!

    Final Fantasy characters do tend to “dance” when using summons, don’t they? Must be something about that universe that makes people want to kick up their heels. Maybe I’d dance too if I could release a bunch of Cactuar spines or some such upon my enemies.


    1. Yes, this was a pretty tough one. I finally narrowed it down to Ghirahim and Nefarious. Eventually, I had to admit Nefarious’s dance was just a tad funnier (partly because it was a bit harder to watch). And to think, his dance was actually a last minute addition.

      And I guess I, too, would want to dance if I could summon something. At the very least, I’d dance with joy if some creature came and helped me in battle. Even if it was just a mobile cactus.


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