Gol and Maia

Two very naughty siblings

“I’d hardly call it a ‘struggle’, would you, dear sister?”-Gol Acheron

“Certainly not.  The Red Sage gave up with so little effort.  No fun at all.”-Maia Acheron

            I decided it was time to do a post (which contains spoilers, so watch out) on two of my favorite characters, this time, twin brother and sister pair, Gol and Maia Acheron.  These two appeared as the villains in “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy”.  Gol (and possibly Maia, as well) was the Sage of Dark Eco, the most dangerous substance known.  It could corrupt anyone who touched it or who spent too much time around it.

            And Gol and Maia were no exception.  After years of exposure to the stuff, the two became twisted, evil people.  Believing they not only could control Dark Eco but could use it to create life, they decided to open the Silos, objects that contain much of the world’s Dark Eco, so they could flood the planet with the substance and remake the world.  In order to do this, they raised an army of Lurkers, worked on rebuilding and improving an old Precursor robot, and also kidnapped the other Sages and used them to power the robot.

            Ironically, the game starts out with Jak and Daxter looking for Gol after Daxter fell into Dark Eco and got changed into an ottsel (part weasel, part otter).  Samos, the Sage of Green Eco (obviously before he was kidnapped), tells them that Gol may be the only one that can help Daxter change back, but little do they know of the Dark Sage’s fate.  In the end, Jak and Daxter free the kidnapped Sages and defeat Gol and Maia just as they’re in the middle of opening one of the Silos with their Precursor robot.  The robot’s head falls into the half-opened Silo and Gol and Maia are sealed inside.  Here Samos comments that the Dark Eco of the Silo “probably” killed them.  “Probably.”

            Now that you know the background, on to the characters themselves.  Even though relatively little is seen of them in the game, I still find them to be interesting characters, and there is enough mentioned in the dialogue to or about them that allows me to speculate about what we never see in the game.  For one thing, I find it interesting that it seems that Gol and Maia did not used to be bad.  Samos and the other three Sages used to know them, and even though it is mentioned that Samos warned them about the dangers of Dark Eco, it seems they were likely regular people before.  Samos even thought that Gol would help Daxter change back to normal, so he couldn’t have been that bad.  Also, Gol and Maia are obviously quite close.  Even though they are evil, they still show signs of love for each other.  It seems that even though the Dark Eco has twisted them, it hasn’t changed that one good quality.  Gol often even refers to Maia as his “dear sister”, and in one cut scene, Gol holds his hand out to her for a moment, and she takes it.  Gol is considered to be the main villain of the two, though he actually shows a more loving side, while Maia seems to be a bit more sadistic.

            I also find it interesting that the Dark Eco seems to have both hurt and helped them.  It obviously made them more powerful, as they can now teleport and were able to easily overpower and kidnap the other Sages.  But, it also drastically changed their appearances, Gol’s especially, who looks rather thin and sickly, and in the first cut scene, seemed to have some trouble breathing.  (It also has made Gol’s voice strange and echoing sounding.)  They think Dark Eco has given them “beauty”, according to Maia, but it has really hurt them and destroyed their humanity, a fact they seem to be completely oblivious to.

            While they are bad people when we see them in the game, I wonder what they were like before.  Their story is a bit tragic, really, and I feel a bit sorry for them.  I wonder if the Dark Eco destroyed them so slowly, they were never even aware of it.  Their close relationship shows a small good side to them that still remains, leaving overly-obsessed people like me to speculate into their past selves.  I would love to know more about who they once were.

            And perhaps someday I can.  It seems like there’s a good chance that they may come back someday.  Not only did Samos imply that Gol and Maia may not have died (and I’ve learned that in works of fiction, if something is hinted at, it is often true), but the official “Jak 3” guide has a section in the back telling about what happened to various characters.  They say that there are rumors Gol and Maia managed to end up in the catacombs, and they can eventually escape from there now that Jak has opened the catacombs.  (I don’t know why they don’t just teleport out, though.)  How spooky that Jak was down in those catacombs, and little did he know that those two psychopaths were probably wandering around there somewhere, as well.

            Anyway, I would just love to see these two return.  The first game did not do them justice.  I would love to see them in a new game now that the series has much more complex stories and many more cut scenes and better graphics.  The series also has a higher rating now, and I imagine Gol and Maia are probably even more evil than what can be seen in an E-rated game.  It feels like we didn’t quite see the real them yet.  That’s the biggest thing I’m waiting for in video games right now.  Get to it, Naughty Dog, or whoever does the series now.  I think it would be great to see the original villains from the first game return after all this time has passed.  And it would also be great to see them again since the series has gone through so many changes and is almost unrecognizable now.  I want to see some more familiar faces now that even Samos has disappeared from the series.

           By the way, I thought it was interesting to note that Gol’s voice actor was Dee Snider.  You know, the guy that sang in the band Twisted Sister.  Ever heard that song that goes “We’re Not Gonna Take It”?  Well, that’s Gol, kind of.  Every time I hear it now, I think of him.

            Anyway, the picture was drawn by me and is my most recent picture yet.  I have drawn Maia before, but for whatever reason, never Gol.  For years I wanted to draw the two of them together, and so now I finally have.  I’m rather proud of this one.  I think I was able to get a lot of expression in their faces.  Gol’s face was a lot easier to draw than I expected.  I thought it would be hard, but it took little practice.  Hooray!  The background is Dark Eco because I’m lazy.  I decided to include some Dark Eco sparks on Maia’s hand.  If Dark Jak can emit Dark Eco lightning, I’m sure Maia can.  I don’t know what those things hanging off Gol’s belt are.  They’ve baffled me for many years.  Perhaps his skinny self will float away like a balloon if he’s not weighed down….

            One last thing.  Below is a video showing the second cut scene in the game with Gol and Maia, where the main characters find out the fate of the Dark Sage(s).  (I’ve always liked Gol’s voice.  Now you must, too.)

A Duck That Must Buy Naughty Dog and Force My Will on Them


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