Top Songs from Lost Kingdoms

Most of the music of “Lost Kingdoms” is not particularly interesting, but there are a couple songs I do enjoy, so here are my top five songs from this game, with links to youtube.

            5. “Lumsted” is a town that was taken over by a white mist when someone was trying to find a way to get rid of the Black Fog.  I find this music quite interesting sounding, and I like the beat.  I really wish the chilling wolf howls could be heard in the music like it is in the game.  It makes the level much spookier.

            4. “Battle” is played during the battles, of course.  It is fast and rather epic.  This music makes me miss the game, since I heard it so often.  (This version doesn’t seem to be quite the same as in the game, but it’s mostly the same, and it’s all I could find.)

            3. “Boss Battle” is played during boss battles and is even more epic than the regular battle music.  I couldn’t find a video with just the song, so here’s a video with the boss fight against the Necromancer, so you can still hear the music.  It starts around 0:46.

            2. “Main Theme” is the main theme of the game, as the name suggests.  It is very epic.  I need to stop using that word, but it keeps working for stuff.

            1. “Hupon-Jen” is a maze-like forest, home to the White Tiger.  I like the music a lot here.  I love that it gives the forest a mysterious feel, and I enjoy that sinister sounding piano.



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