What the Duck Awards: Creepiest Video Game Enemy

Welcome back to the second What the Duck Awards!  I am your host, an anthropomorphic duck!  Feel free to throw bread crumbs onto the stage.  I won’t mind.  To continue the theme of last time, Most Disturbing Video Game Enemy, I will now be awarding one lucky monster with the award for Creepiest Video Game Enemy.  A most coveted title, indeed!  Enemies are a common part of many video games, and it is the creepy ones that stick with me most.  They allow me to face my fears, in a way I couldn’t do in real life.  Creepy enemies are my favorite kind (and Halloween’s almost here), so let’s hear the nominees, in no particular order.

Extra-detailed version of the original ReDead. Picture from here and resized by me.

The ReDead from “The Legend of Zelda” series, the winner of the last award.  This creature is a zombie with a piercing scream that paralyzes and grabs its victims.  Watch out for its bear hug of death and awkwardness!

A face even a mother would hate. From here.

Dead Hand, from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, a horrid white monstrosity with red spots and a nasty bite.  You think the long arms coming from the ground are creepy?  Wait until you see the rest of it!  (Well, you don’t have to wait.  The picture’s right here.)

They’re just rotten. Pic from here.

The Flood from the “Halo” series, a parasitic creature that can infect and mutate dead bodies and reanimate them.  These walking corpses are hard to kill (again) and the strange noises they make only make them even more freakish.  Their first appearance in the original “Halo” is one of the best and scariest moments in video game history (at least, I think so).  Bring a fresh pair of unmentionables if you plan on facing the Flood.

            The evil dolls from “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”.  Truly chilling baby dolls with porcelain heads.  NOT a good gift idea for your niece.  (Sorry, no ref.)

            Demonoliths, Tombs, Dolmens.  Whatever you call them, they are freaky.  I don’t have a picture of these monstrosities from various “Final Fantasy” games, but let me describe them to you.  Horrific skeletons of something your worst nightmares would have their worst nightmares about, these things are even creepier because they are almost completely encased in stone.  It’s like fossils have come to life and parts have come loose.  A tail, a huge, horned head, part of a leg, and one massive, and I mean massive, claw.  And in case you were wondering, yes, even encased in stone, they can still come get you.  And they definitely will, too.

            And the award for Creepiest Video Game Enemy goes to…Dead Hand from “Zelda: OoT”.  Once again, the “Zelda” series wins in terms of chilling creatures.  No, I am not biased!  Why would you say that!  Dead Hand is truly one of the most horrifying of all fiends.  If the long arms sticking out of the ground aren’t unsettling enough, once those arms grab you, the true horror shows up, with its hideous head held high on its long neck.  And not only that, but it bites.  Check out the video below to see this horrid creature in action.

            Let’s hear it, folks, for Dead Hand!  It must be feeling so proud.  And its mother probably said it would never amount to anything.  No, stay in your seat; I don’t want a repeat of last time.  I’ll mail you the award.  Yes, I know it would be easier to just give it to you right here and now.  I said I’d mail it to you.  Come back next time when the duck discusses…well, something else!  (Sorry for the sloppiness.  The duck has yet to learn proper picture-adding.)

            Edit: I recently was playing “Final Fantasy X” and “X-2” and was reminded of fiends (they literally are considered fiends in those games) that are quite horrifying.  So they replaced the Guardians from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.

Duck Hand


4 thoughts on “What the Duck Awards: Creepiest Video Game Enemy

    1. Those dolls really struck fear into my heart when I first saw them. They were so spooky, they almost won. Shame I couldn’t find a reference. But, Dead Hand is just a bit more horrifying.


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