Top Songs from Super Mario Sunshine

“Super Mario Sunshine” has some nice music, most of which is soothing, island music.  While some isn’t.  So here are my top five favorite, with links to Youtube.

            5. “Mecha Bowser” is a fast song played when you fight Mecha Bowser, of course.  I especially like the beginning.

            4. “The Manta Storm” is played during the episode of the same name, where the ghostly manta comes to Sirena Beach.  It is fast, with a few strange-sounding parts, that fits well with a battle against a spectral sea creature.

            3. “Boss Battle” is the music that plays during most boss battles, like against Petey Piranha.  It is fast and fits battles well.  (My descriptions are getting lazy.)

            2. “Noki Bay” is played in the lovely Noki Bay, a bay surrounded by nearly vertical cliffs.  The music is fairly slow and very soothing.

            1. “Delfino Plaza” is a town by the sea and is the hub level of the game, from which you can get to all other worlds.  The music here is very pleasant and upbeat.

Super Mario Shineduck

2 thoughts on “Top Songs from Super Mario Sunshine

  1. Ah yes, here it is.

    Since my son had made me play through Super Mario Galaxy 2 in full twice (That’s 484 stars collected!), I had an apostrophe and pointed him to Sunshine. He was happy enough with it…

    It is designed to have a more relaxing vibe to it, though Bowser & Son stirring thngs up kinda detracted from that.

    The one thing from the game that I have already enjoyed immensely is the acapella version of the Super Mario theme in the non-FLUDD levels. Very catchy =)


    1. You got through “Super Mario Galaxy 2” twice? I beat it in full once, and it was quite brutal at times. I spent hours in some of the really hard areas. There’s this one right near the end where you can’t take damage. I just don’t know if I can ever do that again.

      Anyway, while the music isn’t bad in those non-FLUDD levels, I don’t usually listen to it because it brings back frightening memories. Those levels were hard. I didn’t like being without FLUDD. He made jumping so much easier. Now that I think of it, though, that song is indeed rather catchy. When I’m not plummeting to my death.


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