My Most Epic, Most Tiring Picture Yet

Da epicness!

I recently finished a most epic “Final Fantasy VII” picture.  Behold my most recent marvel!  I have been working on this picture off and on for almost a year.  I sometimes took breaks to work on other pictures because this one just plain tired me out.  As you can see, it includes a collage of all the main characters from the game, including Jenova in the form of a severed head (when Sephiroth beheads her at the Nibelheim mako reactor, I assume, because that makes her more portable).  Meteor also shows up, as well, coming down towards the poor Midgar below.  I used a screenshot from the instruction manual for the background.

            This picture is the biggest picture I’ve ever done, I believe.  It could be a lot of fun at times, and it could also be very tiring.  I spent so much time figuring out the poses for each character and the placement.  Then, I drew each character separately.  Then, did a test placement picture.  Then, put them together in the real thing.  Cleaned up.  Colored.  It was absurd, but I think it paid off.  I’m rather proud of it.  But, I vow to never do a picture of more than a couple characters ever again.  I hope you guys like it.

A Duck Who Never Plans on Being This Epic Ever Again and Needs a Nap


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