Top Songs from Bomberman Generation

The music of “Bomberman Generation” isn’t anything spectacular, but it is fun and adds to the cartoonish atmosphere of the game.  So I have listed my top 5 songs from the game, alone with links to Youtube.

            5. “Tentasia (Jungle)” is my favorite version of the song that plays in Tentasia, a forested level.  I found myself humming this one a lot.

            4. “Tako Desert” is played in the level with the same name.  I also like to hum this one.  Oh, and by the way, tako is Japanese for octopus.  Not a misspelling of the delicious food.

            3. “Octo Ocean” is played in, well, Octo Ocean, in the earlier ocean levels.  It’s a fun song that I enjoy very much, even though parts of the song sound a bit…harsh to me.  This song gets stuck in my head a lot.

            2. “Boss Battle Climax” is played during a boss battle once the boss’s health gets lower.  It is a variation of the main theme of the game and is very fast, giving me the motivation to keep being awesome and finish that boss off once and for all!

            1. “Boss Battle” is played during boss battles and is absolutely my favorite song of the game.  I said earlier that the songs in this game are mostly not super awesome, but this is the one song I really enjoy from the game.



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