Bomberman Generation, A Game Where a Dude in a Pink Scarf Thing Fights a Man With No Pants

I recently played “Bomberman Generation” again, and I’m a bit embarrassed.  In case you’re not familiar with the games, the “Bomberman” series involves pretty much what you’d expect.  Bomberman progressing through levels, all the while blowing up enemies and obstacles with bombs.  It’s simple, but a lot of fun, and being a fan of an old Super Nintendo “Bomberman” game, “Super Bomberman 2”, I was excited when this game came out years ago on the GameCube.  I didn’t realize at the time, though, that “Bomberman” had changed so much.  I really had missed a lot in the 8 years between my first “Bomberman” and this one.

            Like, who the heck are the Hige Hige Bandits?  And why are they led by a hideous man named Mujoe who feels the need to run around with no pants on (giving us an unpleasant view of his man panties)?  And who the heck is Professor Ein?  Stop talking to me!  I don’t talk to strangers!  Who are you?  And then to my surprise, during a boss battle I was having trouble with, another weirdo apparently named Max shows up and helps me out for a second.  It was craziness!  And now Bomberman is tall and thin and a bit creepy rather than short and stubby!  And he won’t shut up!  Stop talking every time you pick up an item!  Are you saying “vessel” or “special”?  Just shut up!

            And then the change that makes me the most unhappy.  The Charaboms, which are pretty much Pokemon.  What are Pokemon doing in a “Bomberman” game?  I feel so goofy when they make me do battles between the Charaboms.  I’m not trying to make fun of Pokemon, but they don’t belong in a “Bomberman” game.  Let’s throw in random critter fights in “Zelda” now, while we’re at it!  It wouldn’t make any sense, but I guess it doesn’t need to.  But, at the same time, I will admit that the Charaboms are rather useful because they allow you to do certain things, like do bombs jumps or take half damage, but it still is silly.  All the Charaboms are positively goofy looking and goofy sounding, with the exception of Pommy, who is da bomb, pun intended.

            One more thing that makes me unhappy with this game is the very terrible voice acting.  It can be bad at times.  Embarrassingly bad.  With a big, fat finger pointed at Mujoe.  And Megaton Bomber.  And Constructor X.  And I’ll just stop there.  But, at the same time, the horrible voice acting does make me laugh quite a bit.  (The extremely embarrassing fourth boss battle with Constructor X, though, left me feeling quite awkward.  What did I just see?)  It’s just that the thing about this game is, it seems to me that there are a lot of things the game intended to be cool, and it’s just not.  The bosses are not cool.  Most of the Crush Bombers are not cool.  I think some are meant to be, but they are not.  The only one I like is Bomber Elite (who I always thought was a girl until I actually listened to some dialogue and found out she was really a he).  That’s the only one that isn’t too terrible.

            But, there’s a reason I still have this game, and that reason is because this game is still pretty darn fun.  I actually have many happy times with it, and I’ve gotten used to some changes.  The Hige Hige bandits are fine.  And Max is way cooler than Bomberman and makes Bomberman look like a sissy whenever he shows up and helps with a boss battle you’re doing crappy at.  And the Charabom Pommy is awesome, as I mentioned earlier.  It lets you blow up bombs by pressing B, so you can blow them up when you want instead of having to wait for bombs to explode as enemies run to a safe distance.  I also like that you can move around freely now instead of in little grid-like areas like in the older game.  (The problem with that, though, is the fact that enemies can avoid my bombs much easier now.  Strangely enough, though, I still manage to injure myself with my own bombs constantly.)  Oh, and you also get different kinds of bombs to use, like ice or wind bombs.  A nice variety of destruction.

            And they still kept some of the aspects of the older one, making the duck still feel somewhat at home in this new game.  You still get pickups that increase your speed, amount of bombs you can drop at once, and the bomb’s blast radius.  You can still throw or kick bombs.  There is also still multiplayer like the original, where the location is back to being more grid-like like the earlier “Bomberman”, and you attempt to blow up your pals.  Good times for all.  You can also unlock Max by collecting all of these Lightning Card things.  I always do multiplayer as Max because, like I said, he is way cooler than dweeby Bomberman.  Though, in Bomberman’s defense, he no longer cries when he gets killed like in the older game.  “Oh, poor me, I was grievously wounded by a bomb!”  Get over it!

            But, a quick word of warning to anyone who wishes to challenge the duck in “Bomberman”.  I like to trap people.  I love to wait until they block themselves in, then I run up behind them, drop a bomb, and run.  Unless they got the pickup for kicking bombs or something, they’re helpless.  So if you ever face the duck in multiplayer, that’s what I’ll do.  Because when I play “Bomberman”, I get mean.  Actually, when I play any game, I get mean.  It’s just this time it involves explosives.

            So, I’m not sure if I’ll ever buy another “Bomberman” game, but this one is quite fun.  I enjoy it very much.  It’s a lot of fun and quite challenging at times.  And the bad parts are hilariously bad.  So in the end, it’s all good.  I actually considered selling the game, but now that I’ve given it another chance, I realize I still like this game very much, and at least for now, it’s not going anywhere.

Bomberman Duckeration


5 thoughts on “Bomberman Generation, A Game Where a Dude in a Pink Scarf Thing Fights a Man With No Pants

  1. I never knew there was a Bomberman game for the Gamecube! Very cool. I remeber, years ago, we borrowed the original SNES game for a weekend, and I was excited to give it a try. But it was a holiday weekend with relatives visiting and all I wanted to do was stop visiting and start playing. It didn’t happen and the game went back. Boo 😦 hoo. Your review here is pretty great and probably the closest I’ll get to one of the games now.


    1. That kind of reminds me of how I almost played “FFVII” 6 years ago. Someone was going to let me borrow it, but I was moving and didn’t want to have to mail it back to them, so I didn’t get a chance to play until 5 years later when I bought it myself. A tragic story with a happy ending.

      Perhaps you can still play “Bomberman”. Maybe you can download the SNES “Bomberman” games on the Wii (or however it works, I have still not tried that yet)? The only console “Bomberman” games I’ve played was this one and “Super Bomberman 2”, and I think the SNES one is better. They’re both fun, but the newer one is just a bit too silly (though, much easier). And thanks about your compliment aout my review.


      1. The Wii Virtual Console! I forget that thing exists, even though I’ve “bought” stuff from it before. It actually works really well, and you get to watch a little running Mario hitting coin blocks while your game is downloading. Only thing is you need a Wii points card, which can be hard to find in my neck of the woods. (Or I guess I could give Nintendo my credit card info. NOT.) Anyway, I’ll have to check it next time I fire up the console.


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