Is it Minty in Here or is it Just My Floss?

I was thinking about how my cat, Arwen, used to love playing with floss.  She is no longer here, but I’m sure God plays with her much better than I can, with heavenly floss.  Anyway, she loved string, and the thinner the string the better, making floss the perfect object for good times.  But, one time it simply didn’t live up to her expectations.

            I remember a couple years ago, Arwen was on the bathroom counter, back when I allowed her to plant her grimy fanny up there.  I had mint floss, though.  Well, she looked like she wanted to play, so I obliged.  So she started with a great deal of enthusiasm, and the floss went in her mouth, and then she stopped.  I didn’t know what was going on at first, but then she hung her head and just started drooling all over the counter, and I realized she was trying to get the strong minty taste out of her mouth.  It was gross, but also funny, and I never played with her with minty floss ever again.

A Minty Duck


6 thoughts on “Is it Minty in Here or is it Just My Floss?

  1. I once had a cat that did just that — drooling — when she got into something she didn’t like. My cat now, well, he’ll just throw it up, no matter if he’s in the kitchen or on our nice new rug. Cats are simultaneously awesome, gross, and scary.


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