Top Songs from Wind Waker

“The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker” has some pretty good music.  …Yep.  Can’t think of anything else.  Links to Youtube are provided.  Get it?  Links?  Links.

            10. “Gohdan” is, of course, the music that plays when you fight the boss of the same name.  It’s fast and fits the battle well.  It sounds like it’s played on an organ or something to me.

            9. “Puppet Ganon” is played during the first part of the Puppet Ganon battle.  Puppet Ganon is a huge marionette, and the song has a good beat that fits the puppet’s up and down jerky movements quite well.

            8. “Phantom Ganon” is played when you fight Phantom Ganon, as you’d expect.  It just fits a battle against a floating ghost-like thing well and adds to that supernatural feel.

            7. “Hyrule Castle” is the usual song often heard in “Zelda” games in said castle.  Always a good song.  It’s slow and definitely makes you feel like you’re in an old, empty castle.

            6. “Mini-Boss Battle” is played during mini-boss battles, of course.  It’s a good song that makes the battle feel more epic.  I love the very beginning especially.

            5. “Sage Laruto” is played when you talk to the ghost of the sage Laruto.  It’s played several other times in the game, but I chose this version.  It’s slow and simple and makes me sad.  I love the vocals and the harp.

            4. “Helmaroc King” is played when you fight the giant Helmaroc King, the huge bird that was kidnapping girls.  It’s pretty epic, and I like it a lot.

            3. “Credits” plays during the credits, of course, and is similar to the title screen, but longer.  It combines the songs you teach Medli and Makar, and I think it’s fun hearing the two songs together, one played on what sounds like a flute, while the other is played on the violin.  The song is just fun, with a lot of energy.

            2. “Dragon Roost Island”, home of the Rito, has quite a lovely theme.  Definitely one of the best songs in the game.  It sounds like a flute in much of it, and it feels peaceful and tropical.

            1. “Molgera” is the music that plays when you fight Molgera, the boss of the Wind Temple.  It’s a very pretty song with what sounds like a flute.  While it is upbeat, it does not fit a boss battle against a giant burrowing/flying worm thing at all.  That doesn’t stop it from being the absolute best song in the game, though.  It even gets more epic as it gets farther into the song.  (It takes a few seconds to get started.)

Wind Ducker

3 thoughts on “Top Songs from Wind Waker

  1. I must go back and listen to these songs. I do agree with Dragon Roost and the Main Theme being top-notch. Dragon Roost was my phone’s ringtone for a good while way back when =)


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