What the Duck Awards: Most Disturbing Video Game Enemy

Hello, fine folks!  Today I present to you the first ever What the Duck Awards!  This time, I was thinking about creepy enemies in video games, and I wondered which one was the worst.  As I pondered this most important of quandaries, I was reminded of a creature that is not only creepy, but disturbing on a deep level.  Normally, I would list the nominees, but this time, I can think of no other enemy to compete with this most upsetting of fiends.

            So instead, I’ll skip ahead to the winner of this most sought after of awards.  The title of Most Disturbing Video Game Enemy goes to…(some very suspenseful clarinet music plays because drum rolls are overused) the mighty ReDead!  Let me hear your applause!

Extra-detailed version of the original ReDead. Picture from http://www.zeldawiki.org and resized by me.
Wind Waker ReDead, sporting the latest in zombie fashion. Picture from http://www.zeldawiki.org.

            For those of you lucky enough to have never encountered one of these foul beasts and are unsure what exactly I’m referring to, the ReDead is a zombie enemy from “The Legend of Zelda” series that emits a freakish scream, paralyzing its victim, and then goes in slowly for the kill.  It is actually identical to the Gibdo, a mummy enemy, except in appearance.  In “Ocarina of Time” and “Majora’s Mask”, ReDeads are brown, thin zombies with faces that consist of only black holes where the eyes and mouth should be.  See for yourself; I finally added pictorial support.  (They also seem to be quite adept at dancing in “Majora’s Mask” when Link wears certain masks.)  In “Wind Waker”, they are blue, with big teeth and large earrings, and a bit different sounding scream.  The reason I chose the ReDead over the Gibdo is because ReDeads manage to be even more physically unappealing than their mummified counterparts (for all I know, ReDeads may simply be naked Gibdos).  I also specifically chose the version from “OoT” and “MM” because they are just plain worse.

            Now why, though, is the brown variation of the ReDead so very disturbing?  Well, for one thing, the horrid scream.  And there’s also just the general appearance, the slow movement, the groaning, and the amazing flexibility.  And one more thing.  There’s also the way they grab onto Link.  More like…climb onto Link.  Like a piggyback ride of wicked evil.  Take a look for yourself, if you dare.  It’s upsetting.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  (The video pretty much goes on like that the whole time.  Really the first 30 seconds of horror is sufficient to get the point across.)

            Yes, it’s bad, isn’t it?  Well, I suppose it’s time for the award.  Come right up, Mr. ReDead and claim what’s yours.  Wait, what am I saying?  Get the heck away from me!  Stop looking at me that way!  (sets the ReDead on fire and runs)

            Okay, that was not how I imagined my first What the Duck Awards would go.  I seem to have killed my first winner.  But, it had to be done.  You saw the beast for yourself!  I was justified!  Now remember to come back later for the next awards ceremony, on the creepiest enemies in video games, as I clean up this burning mess.  Anyone want to stay behind and help me?  No?  Fine.

The Duck That’s Not A Murderer Because Killing the Undead is Okay


2 thoughts on “What the Duck Awards: Most Disturbing Video Game Enemy

  1. Oh those awful ReDead! It was so mean of Nintendo to stick such horrible creatures in otherwise (mostly) nice games. I do have to say that their form in Wind Waker kinda made me laugh at first, until they started coming after me. Then I stopped laughing and started killing. Kudos to them for receiving this distinguishing honor, though I can certainly understand why the ceremony had to end as it did.


    1. I’ve actually never even been attacked by a ReDead, but the first time a Gibdo came and violated poor Link, I’ve been frightened of Gibdos and ReDeads ever since. I, too, thought the “Wind Waker” ReDeads were goofy, but once they started screaming at me, I realized they meant business.


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