The Sun Returns

An epic ending to an epic game

Here is an old picture I did for the ending battle of “Okami”, a positively amazing game.  Here, Amaterasu the wolf is fighting the evil Yami.  I wanted it to look like Yami was coming out of the picture, so I did the border.  The big red thing is the sun when Ammy brings it back after Yami makes it go away, since she is the reincarnation of the sun goddess or something.  I thought it was a rather interesting looking picture.  The game is property of Capcom, though Amaterasu is from Shinto mythology.  I assume Yami is property of Capcom, but for all I know, it may be from mythology, too.  No idea.

The Duck Returns


2 thoughts on “The Sun Returns

    1. Thanks. It was certainly a great battle, with Yami attempting to shroud the world in darkness, while Amaterasu fights back by bathing it in sunlight. Good vs. evil and light vs. dark. It needed a picture.


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