Vexx Songs, the Best Music No One Has Ever Heard

“Vexx” has some really good, unique music, so I needed to do my top ten songs.  These songs are complex and awesome, and I didn’t even really realize how good they were until I really listened to them.  I love how you can hear the individual instruments so well.  The poor developers went all out on this game that most people never even knew existed.  The least I can do is help share this game’s music.  I included links to Youtube, like usual.

            10. “Tempest Peak Manor (Night)” is played at night in this particular world.  It is a bit spooky.  That piano sounds evil.

            9. “Dragonreach (Day)” is played during the day time in world two, Dragonreach.  Certain parts fit the desert landscape well.

            8. “Citadel of Shadows” is the final world of the game.  The music goes really well with this dark, utterly horrible place.  Oh, the engine rings.  The engine rings…

            7. “Dungeon” (I couldn’t think of a better title, so I hope the person who used this title won’t mind me using it, too) is played in several random levels.  It is similar to the volcano in the Below, but not quite.  I like the violin.  It gives this sad, hopeless feeling to the song, I think, which is the feeling the player sometimes gets from falling to their death repeatedly.

            6. “Summit of the Sages, Inside Vexx’s Head” is the music that plays in the giant stone Vexx head on the mountain of Summit of the Sages.  It’s a creepy song that features a piano and violin, I think.  It starts off slow, gaining speed later, with some really creepy sounds at the beginning.  Actually, chilling is more the word to describe it.  It sounds like the far off wail of a ghost.  I keep listening to it, and I still feel a twinge of something in my stomach whenever I hear that noise.  It almost gives me goose bumps.  Or duck bumps, I guess.  I really like the piano, followed by a violin, around 2:16.

            5. “Summit of the Sages, Inside the Middle Head” is what I’ll call the music that plays in the middle of the three giant heads in the side of the mountain in Summit of the Sages.  This music is interesting and has a good beat.  I like the piano, especially the stuff that starts in at around 0:32, and then the song really gets going.

            4. “Dragonreach, Spooky Place” is my not creative title to the area in Dragonreach with the ghosts.  This music makes the area really spooky, especially when the voices start around 1:00 in and the longer vocals at 1:32.  I especially like 0:30 to 1:11 or so.

            3. “The Below (Day)” is a lovely song that plays in the water level during the day.  It’s slow and beautiful and sounds like maybe a cello or something to me.

            2. “Timberdale (Day)” plays in the first world.  It is a nice song to start the game off with.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s awesome and has a lot of parts to it.  The person’s description of the song below the video describes it much better than I do.

            1. “Tempest Peak Manor (Day)” plays in the manor during the day.  It starts off slower and then gets faster.  It’s always been my favorite song, since the first time I ever played the game.  I like the very beginning and 2:04 to 2:22 the most.

Tempest Duck Manor

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