Fi and Ghirahim

I sense a 95% chance this picture will make your heart fill with rainbows.

This is my newest picture yet, but be careful, it contains some spoilers for “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.  The characters Fi and Ghirahim seem like they’re meant to be opposites of each other, and I’ve never seen any pictures of them together, so I thought I’d draw them together myself.  Both characters are sword spirits, but that’s where their similarities end.  Fi is the Master Sword, the “Blade of Evil’s Bane”, and Ghirahim is the evil Demon King Demise’s sword, which in some ways looks like an evil Master Sword, complete with an upside down Triforce.  As you can guess, Fi is good; Ghirahim is evil.  Fi is peaceful; Ghirahim is violent and delights in the pain of others.  Fi is emotionless; Ghirahim is emotional.  Fi is feminine; Ghirahim is…um…male (he can actually be feminine himself, though).

            So I thought it would be fun to draw the two together (Ghirahim in his final, true form that you don’t see until the end of the game), with their corresponding swords behind them.  (I changed the proportions of Demise’s sword so it would match the Master Sword better).  I wanted to show Fi’s beauty and grace, while Ghirahim is a bit more violent and insane, licking his sword with his disturbingly long tongue (which he does, in fact, do during battles).  I chose backgrounds that fit them, as well.  Behind Ghirahim is the location of the final boss fight against Demise at the end of the game.  Fi’s background is more the opposite, inspired by the scenes where Fi would dance on the water.  (The ripples were hard.)

            I am very proud of this picture.  I feel it’s my best one yet.  Fi, I think, looks rather beautiful.  Hopefully Ghirahim looks shiny enough, like he’s made of metal.  Please click on the picture to get a better look.

The Duck That Challenges You to Count the Number of Swords in This Picture


4 thoughts on “Fi and Ghirahim

    1. I guess Fi has no arms. It’s odd, though. As for the swords, I don’t know myself. You could say three or you could say five, depending on if you count the sword spirits as seperate from their swords or the same. It’s a quandary. Video games give me lots of confusing things to think about.


  1. I still haven’t played Skyward Sword, but it’s too late, I already read your post. I really like your picture and it makes me want to play the game even more in order to get to know these characters. I was going to say 4 swords, but now I see the fifth. Clever!


    1. Thanks much! Don’t worry, there’s still so much of Ghirahim you haven’t seen yet. He’s positively bizarre. Fi and Ghirahim are part of what makes Skyward Sword such a great game. I hope you’ll get a chance to play it sometime soon.


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